Q&A: What Does Sperm Taste Like?


When giving a blowjob, you know eventually the inevitable will happen. Your man will have an orgasm and you’ll have semen in your mouth. Many people are weirded out by the idea of sperm in their mouth, especially if they’ve heard horror stories from their girlfriends. So what does sperm really taste like, and is it harmful to swallow it?

Question: What does sperm taste like? Is it okay to swallow it? If so, can it do any harm?

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What Affects The Taste Of Sperm

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Not all sperm is equal. Every man’s semen tastes different and it may even have a different texture or an aftertaste too. There are a great deal of things that affect the flavor of a man’s ejaculate, from what they eat to how healthy they are. Smoking, drinking and doing drugs or taking prescription medications are often said to give semen a bad, bitter taste, while the semen of healthy men is said to taste cleaner. Just think about it this way – whatever you put into your body is coming out, via sweat, urine and yes, semen. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to improve the taste of your semen, and many people report that pineapples and pineapple juice can make ejaculate taste exceptionally sweet.

What Do You Like?

Not only does every man’s semen taste different from each other, each woman has her own flavor preferences as well. Some women can’t stand the texture of semen, regardless of the taste while other women love the taste of semen and can’t seem to get enough of it. You may have preferred the taste of an ex-boyfriend’s semen while your current beau’s just doesn’t do it for you or vice versa. One woman may report that one man’s semen tastes good, while another women can report that the same man’s semen is very bitter and has a bad taste to it. It’s difficult to give semen a solid thumbs up or thumbs down as far as taste is concerned, because there are so many different variables to consider. It’s perfectly normal to want him to finish in your mouth or to dislike it, or even to like one man’s semen but not another’s. You just like what you like!

It’s Ok To Swallow

Swallowing semen is not harmful in and of itself, provided something extraordinary doesn’t happen such as choking on it, etc. Some people even report that semen is good for you, as it contains a great deal of protein. The taste of semen and whether to spit or swallow is a personal choice, because neither will have any harmful side effects. Never do something that makes you uncomfortable, regardless of how much your partner wants it, and if you don’t want to swallow that’s all there is to it. Just don’t. If swallowing is something that turns you on and it’s something you enjoy doing, go for it! Just remember that semen can and will carry sexually transmitted diseases if a person is infected, which can easily spread to you if you swallow the ejaculate. If you really want to swallow, make sure you’re being safe and your partner has passed an STD test first.

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