Sex Toys: How To Use Them During Oral Sex


Sex toys can add an extra element of surprise and pleasure during oral sex. Here’s how to use sex toys to give your lover amazing orgasms during cunnilingus!

For the really advanced cunnilingus masters (or those who are just looking to try out a few new tricks), the use of toys during cunnilingus may spice it up just a bit. Of course, you will want to make sure that your partner is comfortable with using toys first. She may not be comfortable with the idea at all or she may be comfortable with some things and not others. If you’re really lucky, she’ll be up for anything!

Communicate First!

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Communication is key to avoiding a potential argument and canceled cunnilingus session – take a trip to the adult toy store and let her pick out some of the things she would like to try during cunnilingus. If she seems apprehensive about it, don’t push the issue. She may need to get warmed up to the idea first. Of course, if she isn’t willing to use toys in the bedroom period, it is important that you leave it at that to avoid making her feel uncomfortable. If your partner feels uncomfortable or pressured, she will not open her mind and body fully to cunnilingus and your efforts will be unsuccessful.

What Kind Of Sex Toys To Use?

There are lots and lots to choose from in this department. To simplify things, we’ll separate them into two distinct categories – toys that stay outside of the vaginal canal and toys that go in it.

Outside The Vulva

These sex toys are probably the best to start out with, especially if your partner or you are at all apprehensive about bringing toys into the bedroom. These can be any number of things – they don’t have to be specially purchased toys, although they do manufacture some great ones just for the occasion. We should probably note that most of the toys that are used outside the vulva offer some sort of vibration, like a clitoris vibrator. This can feel wonderful coupled with long, soft strokes by a tongue! There are so many different vibrating toys available for clitoral stimulation; it’s difficult to know exactly where to start. If you’re not keen to visit an XXX store to purchase something specially designed, a trip to your local department store or general store should suffice.

Back massagers and neck massagers work well – even a consistently ringing cell phone on vibrate will do the trick (just kidding). Foot massagers and the like generally won’t get the job done, so stick with a good back massaging wand for maximum effect. Your partner may even want to use it if you’re out of town! If you’re in the mood to see what the local XXX store has to offer, you’ll find dozens of devices specifically with a woman’s pleasure in mind. Most of these are small, wand-like vibrators (some are even waterproof) that stimulate the clitoris in just the precise way. Some have jelly tips with different textures on them and others will strap on to the thighs and be controlled by remote to provide constant stimulation. Do be careful however – it is important that your partner be involved in both making the decision to bring toys into the bedroom

Inside The Vagina

These types of sex toys are generally not for beginners. Both partners must be extremely comfortable with sex and cunnilingus before bringing these to the table. These toys are generally phallic-shaped and some are even made with silicone to directly resemble an erect penis. Other models of this type of toy are more simply designed (think bullet or dome shaped) and are sleeker. There are many shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose one that both you and your partner are comfortable with. This type of toy can come with or without vibration, and with or without extra “pieces” that can stimulate the clitoris and other parts of the vulva. Generally, you will only find toys such as these in a XXX store.

How To Use Sex Toys During Oral Sex

Like everything else, you want to introduce it gently. It is never good to rely solely on a toy during an oral sex session (unless this is something your partner has directly requested), so be sure to provide most of the stimulation with your warm, wet tongue utilizing the techniques described earlier in the book. For toys that stimulate the clitoris, you can gently move them around the vulva first (never place them directly on the clitoris at first) and then move in to the clitoris when your partner is more aroused.

It is important to pay attention to your lady’s cues at this time as well – you’ll need to find out how fast she likes it, what kind of pressure she likes, so on and so forth. For toys that go inside the vagina, you can use them just as though you would use your penis for intercourse.

Be careful though! This must always be done gently and you must take your cues from your partner or it could spell disaster. Inserting anything into her vaginal opening without her arousal and consent may end very badly.

Once you and your partner become more comfortable with sex toys, this may not be necessary for every cunnilingus session – the key is, of course, to follow your partner’s cues. Keep in mind that when purchasing toys for use in the bedroom that your partner needs to be very involved in the decision of what to buy. Do not purchase something you think she’ll like and whip it out seconds before a cunnilingus session! She will need to determine the size, shape, color and intensity of every toy that is going to be used during cunnilingus (or intercourse) and she may even feel like different toys based on her mood. As long as you pay attention to your partner and listen to what she’s saying (both verbally and non-verbally), you can almost guarantee cunnilingus success.

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