Striptease Tips: Entice Your Guy Before Oral Sex With Lingerie!


A striptease is definitely great visual stimulation for a man before oral sex. But if you can’t dance, lingerie is another great option to make his eyes pop!

A striptease always in order, but as many women are not only self conscious about their bodies but their dance moves as well, this is not an option for everyone. If you like to dance though, throw on a cute outfit and pop in a sexy song while giving your partner an eyeful and a lap dance. We promise, it won’t be long before your partner can’t stand it anymore and is nearly busting out of his zipper. If you want to try doing a striptease before fellatio and are a little worried that your dancing isn’t up to scratch, stop worrying! Almost all men aren’t paying attention to how well you are dancing or anything of that nature. They’re too busy watching choice body parts jiggle and gyrate.

If You’re Not Into Doing A Striptease

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Not a striptease kind of gal? Not to worry – a nice piece of lingerie can work wonders as well. Just make sure it is something you feel comfortable in and maximizes your best assets. Your partner may have a preference to the type of lingerie he likes but honestly, most men don’t care what type it is (whether it’s bikini cut or boy cut, etc.) as long as it’s lacy and see through! Women that are uncomfortable about having small breasts can buy lingerie with a little bit of padding for an extra lift and women that are concerned about their tummy can purchase what is called a “baby doll” type of lingerie – a sexy bra with a sheer or lacy material attached to it to flow over the tummy. It is enough to cover you up but it is still enticing!

How To Buy The Right Lingerie

  • Find a lingerie store with dimmed lighting – no one will feel comfortable in lingerie underneath harsh, fluorescent lighting. If it’s not possible to find a store with dim lighting, consider buying your size and keeping the tags on and the receipt handy while you try it on at home. If it doesn’t fit, you can take it back.
  • Absolutely wear something that you find yourself attractive in and feel comfortable in. If you are not comfortable and confident, you will not look sexy to your partner before fellatio!  Isn’t that the whole point of lingerie? Even if your breasts are not hanging out and the lingerie is simple, if you can walk over to your partner and feel like a bombshell then your partner will probably think you’re a bombshell!

How To Give Him Even More Eye Candy

Interestingly enough, oral sex is a good visual tool by itself. Your mouth working up and down his hard penis may be just enough eye candy for him – and you guessed it – most guys like to watch while you do it! This feels incredibly good to a man – it makes the connection between mind and body and gives the fellatio a whole new aspect to it. You can also look him in the eye while giving him fellatio if you and your partner enjoy this. The more visual stimulation during a fellatio session, the better!

If you’re not comfortable with your partner watching you while you perform fellatio on him, you can try dimming the lights or using candlelight. This may help relax both of you and it will help set the mood for fellatio. Dim lighting or candlelight is somewhat of a compromise between full lighting and complete darkness – your partner gets to see you perform fellatio on him but you get the comfort of not doing so in the blaring lights.

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