The 3 Phases Of Oral Sex You MUST Know!


Oral sex isn’t just going down there and getting your lick/suck on however you like. You can’t just head south and expect her to be able to have an orgasm just from you putting your mouth down there and moving it around for awhile. There’s some technique involved and if you REALLY want to rock her world and give her sheet soaking, earth shattering orgasms, you need to learn these three phases of oral sex TONIGHT!


What Are The Three Phases Of Great Oral Sex?

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While a man may think that he can just jump in and give a girl oral sex and get her off just by moving his mouth around down there, it’s just not true. Sure, girls love it, but there’s a certain way to do it if you really want to make it incredible for her. The best way to bring her to a knee weakening orgasm through oral sex is to move through the different phases of it:


Teasing is very important to get a woman warmed up. Even though oral sex is considered foreplay, you need to lead up to it too with a little teasing before fully going down on her. Start slowly and softly. Instead of rushing in to lick her clitoris, start by slowly kissing the insides of her thighs. As you get closer and closer to her vagina, breathe softly on it. Brush your lips against her clitoris lightly enough to tickle her.

When she’s fully aroused and ready for you to get down to business, her clitoris is going to be erect. You may also notice her breathing get a little heavier or that she’s bucking her hips against you, begging for more stimulation. When you sense that she is ready, it’s time to move on to the next step.


The variety phase is an essential component to great oral sex, because women need variety. Even if you’re using a particular technique that she seems to like really well, it can get tiring after a little while and she may become desensitized to it. Doing different things and experimenting with different techniques is important to get her to climb closer and closer to orgasm.

As you try different things, watch her reactions to them. Gauge her body language to see what she really enjoys and responds best too, as well as other techniques that she seems to like okay, but they don’t really push her hot buttons. Here are some great examples of different moves to try to find out which ones she craves:

  • Thrust your tongue inside her vagina.
  • Use different tongue strokes on the clitoris.
  • Suck gently on her clitoris.
  • Insert your finger in her vagina while licking her clitoris.


When her breathing becomes even heavier and it feels like she’s about to lose control, she’s heading into the orgasm phase of oral sex. When you sense that she is getting close, presumably because you found an oral sex technique that she really responds to, the most important thing is to keep doing what you’re doing. This is not the time that you want to switch up and try a new technique to see if she likes it even better – you may actually ruin her orgasm if you do that. Whatever you find that she likes, that’s what you want to do as she goes through the orgasm phase.

You can start going a little faster and a little harder as she gets closer and closer to climax, so long as you continue to do the same thing. Communicate with her though, and make sure she’s liking what you’re doing. She may not want you to go faster or harder – she may like what you’re doing exactly the way you’re doing it. Encourage her to communicate with you and if you do something that she likes and she knows will make her orgasm, have her say, “Don’t stop!”

Ladies, it’s not up to your guy to read your mind. If you like what he’s doing, be sure and tell him not to do anything else! Or you may end up being disappointed if he misreads your signals and tries to use a different technique just as you’re about to climax.

Have Fun With It

One of the most important aspects of oral sex – for a girl or a guy – is enthusiasm. When you go down on someone and you’re not really into it, they can tell – immediately. So above all, have fun with it! Show your partner you enjoy it and you like pleasing them!

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