The 5 Hottest Oral Sex Tips On The Planet – For Her


When giving your girl oral sex, you’re bound to rock her world no matter which techniques you use because let’s face it – almost every girl out there loves oral sex. There are, however, some oral sex techniques that will blow the rest out of the water. Just about every girl responds with earth shattering orgasms with these top 5 oral sex tips, so read on to find out how you can make your lady’s thighs quiver with pleasure.

Flick Her Clitoris With Your Tongue

Stick the tip of your tongue out and form it into the shape of a firm point. Lick your partner’s clitoris firmly from side to side (or up and down, whichever she responds to best) with the tip of your tongue, flicking it as fast as you can. This will bring her to orgasm faster than just about any other oral sex technique out there, because you’re actually stimulating the entire clitoris when you do this. The clitoris that you see on the outside of her vagina is not all there is to it – the clitoris actually runs on either side of her vulva, underneath the skin. By flicking it quickly with a firm pointed tongue, not only are you stimulating it from the outside, but the vibrations you’re creating stimulates the part that you don’t see as well.

Say Your ABC’s

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If you want to take your time when going down on your partner, slowly working her up to a toe curling, sheet grabbing orgasm, use this simple yet effective technique to drive her absolutely wild. Form your tongue into a firm point and trace the tip of it over your partner’s clitoris in an “ABC” pattern. You’ll start with the letter “A”, tracing either a capital or a lowercase “A” onto her clitoris with your tongue. Do this slowly and work your way through the alphabet, all the way to the letter “Z.” This is a technique that is best performed at a slow pace, but you can also speed up how fast you trace the letters depending on what she seems to like. You can also vary your speed to bring her closer to orgasm and back down again until she just can’t hold it in anymore.

Finger Her While Licking Her Clitoris

To give her a blended orgasm, finger her while you go down on her. As you’re licking her clitoris, slowly insert your finger into her vagina palm side up. Feel for her g-spot and once you find it, use the “come hither” motion to stimulate it. Switch back and forth between licking her and fingering her, until she’s close. Then you can begin doing both techniques at once. Your partner will love having you stimulate both of her hot spots at once and her orgasm will be wall shaking!

Pinch Her Nipples

The super sensitive nerves in your partner’s nipples are connected to the pleasure nerves in her clitoris and vagina, so pinching or rubbing her nipples as you go down on her will drive her absolutely wild. To tease her, start by stimulating her nipples with your mouth and stimulating her clitoris with your fingers. After you’ve gotten her good and aroused, switch to stimulating her nipples with your hands and using your mouth where your hands used to be. She’ll love the different sensations on each of her body parts. If you can keep your balance, try fingering her g-spot as you lick her clitoris and pinch her nipples. The multiple sensations will bring her to a climax like no other!

Don’t Spare An Inch

When going down on your partner, don’t leave an inch of her vulva or vagina unexplored. This is easier if she practices good genital hygiene habits, so if she’s not super fresh beforehand, start by taking a shower with her and soaping her up first (this will also help turn her on). As you begin to lick your partner’s clitoris, don’t stop there. Move your tongue in and out of her every fold. You can even penetrate her vaginal opening with your tongue or place your entire mouth over her vulva and suck. Just use your creativity here and make sure you don’t leave anything between her legs un-licked or sucked on. When performing oral sex on a girl, many guys stick to the clitoris only, which leaves many sensitive spots unexplored. You’ll treat her to dozens of new sensations as you “go where no other has gone before.”

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