The 5 Hottest Oral Sex Tips On The Planet – For Him


All men love getting a blowjob – in fact, many men prefer to be on the receiving end of oral sex more than they like intercourse! If your guy likes it so much, naturally, you want to learn as many techniques as you can so you can rock his word. Fortunately for you, there are only 5 awesome oral sex tips that you need to learn to give your guy an amazing orgasm with your mouth – and he’ll never look at you the same way again!

Use Your Hands Too

Some women think that giving a guy head involves using only your mouth, but that is far, far from the truth. When going down on a guy, incorporating your hands into the mix can mean the difference between giving him head for an hour or making him orgasm within ten to fifteen minutes. When giving your partner a blowjob, take one hand and wrap it around the base of his penis. Stroke up and down the shaft of his member as you would if you were giving him a handjob, but only moving your hand halfway up the penis. Lower your mouth down over the head of his penis to give him oral sex, but you’ll only need to go down as far as your hand is -around the middle of his penis. He’ll love the feeling of having both your hands and your mouth on his penis and you’ll be able to bring him to orgasm faster than if you just used your hands or your mouth alone. This is also a great technique for women who have a strong gag reflex to use, because it doesn’t allow the penis to go very far down the throat at all.

Massage The Prostate Gland Or Perineum

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The prostate gland is much like a woman’s “g-spot” in the fact that it is a special spot located inside the body that can bring a man to an amazingly powerful orgasm if it’s stimulated the right way. The most efficient way to stimulate a man’s prostate gland is by gently sliding your finger in his anus and making a “come hither” motion with your finger. This will directly stimulate the prostate gland and may cause a man to climax immediately. Some men, however, are adverse to anal sex or anal play of any kind, and this is not the best approach for someone who is uncomfortable with anal stimulation. If this is the case for you and your partner, you can firmly massage his perineum (the space between his testicles and his anus) with your knuckles. This indirectly stimulates the prostate gland and can provide some of the same sensations as when using other techniques.

Pay Attention To The Head Of His Penis

The head of your partner’s penis is the most sensitive part, so it’s important not to leave it out when giving your partner a blowjob. Start by sucking gently on the head of his penis, swirling your tongue around firmly. You can start to suck more firmly if your partner seems to enjoy this, but beware of sucking too hard. The head of his penis is much like your clitoris – packed full of nerve endings that can cause pain or discomfort when stimulated too much.

Don’t Be Afraid To Slobber

So many women are afraid of using too much saliva when giving a guy a blowjob, so they skimp on how good of a blowjob they actually give so as not to end up slobbering all over his penis. Here’s a quick tip – ignore how much saliva you’re using and just let it drip. Keep a towel nearby if you’re that freaked out about it, but don’t worry too much because it’s almost guaranteed that your partner doesn’t care how much saliva you get on him at all.

Let Him Enjoy The Show

Men are definitely visual creatures, so if you can position yourself to allow him to watch while you give him head, so much the better. Make eye contact with him every now and then so he can see how much you’re enjoying giving him pleasure (this is a big deal for guys by the way) and he’ll never forget how great you can be in bed. Mix and match this technique with a few other oral sex tips and you’ll really end up blowing his mind! He’ll be begging you to give him a blowjob again and again after this – and you just might get him to be enthusiastic about giving you oral sex in return!

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