What Women REALLY Want During Oral Sex


Oral sex is something almost every woman loves – but many girls can be afraid to tell a man how they truly like it and what they want their guy to do when he’s down there. Next time you go down on your lady love, give her what she truly craves. Here’s what to do to push every single one of your girl’s hot buttons with oral sex and make her melt in your mouth.

Slow And Sensual

Many guys assume that because girls enjoy using vibrators while masturbating that they want their clitoris licked hard and fast. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Giving your partner slow and sensual oral sex is something no vibrator can do – and your lover will enjoy it so much more.

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Instead of being tempted to lick quickly, flatten your tongue out and slowly lick her entire vulva from top to bottom, pausing to flick her clitoris or put pressure on it with your tongue. Don’t be in any rush – act like you could be down there all day without batting an eye.

Lick Everywhere

The clitoris is extremely sensitive and when stimulated, it can bring a woman to an incredible, leg shaking orgasm. However, just because this is the most sensitive spot on her vulva, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep your tongue there and only there. A woman secretly wants a man who isn’t afraid to put his tongue everywhere – in every nook and cranny. This is also a great way to get your girl to last longer – you can lick other parts of her vulva while she comes down from the brink of orgasm, after which, you’ll lick her clitoris again to get her close.

Instead of keeping your tongue in one area when going down on your lover, take your tongue and use it to explore every fold down there. Point your tongue and slip it into her vagina, and then lick up and down her labia. When combined with a slow and sensual approach, this will blow your lover’s mind.

Be Enthusiastic And Enjoy It

You don’t like getting a blowjob that seems like a chore for the girl doing it, do you? Of course not, and your girl doesn’t want to get half-ass oral sex either. Even if you’re not totally into it, at least put on a good show and act like you’d rather be doing nothing else in the whole world than bring your partner pleasure with your mouth.

When licking and sucking your partner into orgasmic frenzy, pretend as though you’re savoring something extra delicious. You can use flavored lubes or even dabs of chocolate or caramel sauce to make it more enjoyable for you. Show your lover that you’re totally into it and that you’re enjoying going down on her – not just to give her an orgasm, but because you just enjoy it.

G-Spot Stimulation

A blended orgasm can easily be achieved during oral sex by simply slipping your finger into your partner’s vagina and stimulating her g-spot. Since you’re licking her clitoris and rubbing her g-spot at the same time, she’s much more likely to have a blended orgasm than just a clitoral or g-spot orgasm alone.

Don’t start stimulating her g-spot right away. Give her oral sex for a few minutes first to get her nice and warmed up – this helps make her g-spot much, much easier to find. When you start fingering her, back off from using your tongue for a few minutes while you use your hands. Then, begin to lick her clitoris and stimulate her g-spot at the same time. This technique increases her chances of having a blended orgasm because she has time to feel each sensation individually and then together.

Anal Play

While some women don’t enjoy anal sex at all, others absolutely love it. If your girl enjoys anal sex, try to incorporate a little anal play next time you go down on your lover. You don’t necessarily have to use a sex toy or even a finger for insertion – the nerve endings on the outside of the anus are sensitive enough that licking or touching the outside of the anus during oral sex will send your partner over the moon.

If you’re not averted to trying analingus, make licking her anus part of the “licking everywhere” technique. If you’d rather not put your tongue down there, try simply rubbing it or pushing against it with one of your fingers while you lick her clitoris.

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