Why Men Love Oral Sex


Using your mouth to give pleasure is one of the most intimate aspects of sex. Some women are better at it than others. But one thing’s for sure: men love giving and receiving oral sex.

Why Men Love Giving Oral Sex

Cunnilingus is one of the best ways to make a woman climax. In fact, some men would argue that it is the only way to make a girl climax. This type of intimate kissing is sexy, arousing and extremely gratifying. Men enjoy the benefit of wielding power just by controlling the tide of a woman’s orgasm.

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When a man goes down on you, he’s exploring the seat of your femininity. He’s amazed at how different you are from him, and honoured that you trust him enough to grant access to your secret lips. Although some men would rather receive than give oral sex, there’s no denying that oral sex on a woman is one of the things that all men should excel at.

Why Men Love Receiving Oral Sex

Men like receiving intimate kisses, especially from a woman who knows how. They like it when a woman uses her lips, tongue and hands down there. Even if the woman shows mediocre skills, any man will appreciate the fact that she is willing to explore his manhood and that she is eager to provide one-way pleasure by performing oral sex on him.

The role of a blowjob in sexual power play is ambiguous. On one hand, it is a man’s way of saying “you’re in charge.” A woman can thus proceed to use his tool to manipulate his reactions, all the while pleasuring herself with her fingers or a dildo.

On the other hand, it is also a way for a man to feel more powerful during sex. It’s no secret that men feel like kings when a girl performs this “service.” They can lie back and take all the pleasure they want.

I guess it depends on the man you’re with and his personality. You can ask a guy you’re thinking of going out with, “what does a blowjob mean to you?” and you will be able to discover at once what kind of lover he is.

Anal Play During A Blowjob

Some men enjoy being touched on the anal region while a woman is exploring his manhood. It’s just natural that a woman’s lips and fingers stray to that area since it’s so close by. However, there are men who dislike being touched there because of the connection between the anal region and homosexuality.

One thing I noticed is that the men who are completely comfortable with their masculinity tend to love anal play more than those who are not entirely convinced that a finger or two in their anal hole doesn’t have anything to do with being a homosexual.

How to Give Your Man Pleasure Via Oral Sex

The best advice I can give you is to simply observe his reactions while you’re giving him great head. Look for feedback and create your blowjob style according to what makes him happy.

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