Deliciously Steamy Foreplay Moves To Use On Your Girl TONIGHT!


Foreplay is an incredible way to make sex hotter than it ever has been before. So, you want to take the initiative this time and want to surprise your girlfriend, wife or lover with your foreplay skills. But then again, you realize that foreplay hasn’t been your ‘thing’ lately and you’re not sure … [Read more...]

Guys, Are Your Oral Sex Skills Up To Snuff? Find Out With This 1 Simple Trick!


With oral sex, it's not hard to tell if you're doing it right - but only if you use this easy technique to see if she LOVES your oral sex (or not). Without this super simple "litmus test" to find out if you're licking and sucking in the right places and the right way, you could be in the dark about … [Read more...]