How To Introduce Your Girl To Bondage


Introducing your partner to bondage - if that's not something she's already into - is tricky business. If you bring it up in the wrong way, or try the hardcore stuff first, you might just turn her off of bondage and BDSM for good. Here's how to slowly introduce your partner to bondage so you have … [Read more...]

(Ladies) How To Masturbate In 10 Easy Steps


Masturbation for women is not at all like what masturbation is for men. Men often learn to masturbate at a young age, whereas many women have never tried masturbation before at all! Masturbation is a great way to satisfy your sexual curiosity and needs if you've never had sex before or in between … [Read more...]

A Review Of Love Making Methods That Are Sure To Please Your Woman


As silly as it may seem, a lot of men tend to forget the basics of lovemaking when the urge to release takes over. Imagine you're with a girl and you're really turned on. You start out slow then the desire to release takes over and you start focusing only on what would feel good to you. It happens … [Read more...]

Phone Sex – Tips For Talking Dirty


Talking dirty is an art form, one that can seem quite intimidating to master. Contrary to popular belief though, learning to talk dirty isn't at all difficult. You just have to learn to let yourself go! Here are some excellent tips on how to talk dirty with your partner whether you're having phone … [Read more...]