Spiritual Sex: Reuniting Body And Soul For A Whole Body Orgasm


In today’s stressful modern age, it seems as though the practice of sensuality has slowly become a lost art.Just think about it: with our fast-paced culture and hectic schedules, it’s no wonder that we have very little time for things that require us to slow down and take our time especially when … [Read more...]

How To Make Love Making a Real Love Making Experience With Touch

Female Orgasm

People have forgotten the simplest lovemaking ‘technique’ of all: the incredible power of human touch. Even when the opportunity arises in lovemaking sessions for us to give and receive the pleasure of the caress, we tend to get caught up in the drive to ejaculatory orgasms. Making Lovemaking a Real … [Read more...]

eXtreme Sex Ed: I Feel Like I Have To Pee During Oral Sex!


Feeling like you have to urinate during oral sex, or any other type of sexual activity, can be quite unnerving the first time it happens. If it happens often, you might become even more confused or be tempted to avoid oral sex all together.Is it normal to feel like you have to urinate during oral … [Read more...]

MILF Fantasy – Should I Have Sex With My Ex’s Mom?


When it comes to dating, finding the opportunity to make your move can be intimidating and frustrating. Fortunately, sometimes the universe smiles in your favor and gives you a golden opportunity.What if you don't take it, only to realize later on that you wished you would have taken it? Have you … [Read more...]