Threesomes As An Alternative Approach to Marriage Therapy?


Many times, after about six or seven years of a relationship or marriage, the sex life tends to dwindle.As time goes on, the sex life continues to dwindle and sex with your partner becomes routine.Your interest in sex with your partner may lessen, but this doesn't mean that you love your partner … [Read more...]

I Like Watching Porn… What’s The Big Deal?


Pornography has been around for hundreds and possibly even thousands of years.There are different levels of pornography, from the mild romance novel to the hardcore BDSM movie.Pornography also spans across different cultures, and some cultures are more accepting than others.Many people may ask … [Read more...]

Are My Sexual Fetishes And Kinky Fantasies Bad?


Almost everyone has a sexual fetish or fantasy of some kind, but many people don't like to admit it.Society has put sort of a damper on being open and honest about what turns us on sexually, however, most of it is healthy and even natural.Most fetishes and fantasies aside though, some of them … [Read more...]