Oral Sex and Orgasm Dilemma – I Want To Finish In Her Mouth…


Men love blow jobs. That's a fact.Many men also love finishing in a woman's mouth during a blow job.It can make them feel powerful or good about themselves and for some men, it just feels better physically to orgasm in a woman's mouth than finishing another way.Unfortunately, not all women … [Read more...]

Is It Normal For a Virgin to Be Into BDSM?


As a virgin, it's normal to find yourself turned on and sexually excited by many things, even if you've never actually had sexual intercourse.What turns you on is going to be different from what turns someone else on, and it's important to embrace diversity and celebrate your uniqueness!Is there … [Read more...]

3-Before-Me: A Proven Guideline For Great Sex


Have you ever heard of the "3-Before-Me" rule?Simply put, it means that you do whatever it takes to make your woman experience an orgasm 3 times before you even allow her to start pleasuring you.Now, just the thought of this may tire you out but we're not really talking about orgasms during … [Read more...]

Help! I Can’t Feel It When We Have Sex Anymore. Is My Sex Life Over?


Whether it happens suddenly or it's something that happens over time, losing vaginal sensitivity can be extremely upsetting for a woman, especially one that's quite sexually active.This can come as even more of a shock if a woman has previously enjoyed G-spot or vaginal orgasms and great sex, … [Read more...]