5 Sex Fantasies She’s Dying To Try (But Will Never Tell You)

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Fantasies are fantasies for a reason – Especially “sex fantasies”. Everybody has them, whether they want to admit it or not, but they stay bottled up because they put you in a vulnerable place. This vulnerability is the reason that she’s never going to tell you her sex fantasies.

We as a people are programmed to hate rejection and this fear is what drives her to clam up when you ask about her fantasies. Out of the crazy sex fantasies out there, there are 5 that are the most common among women. While she may never flat out tell you that it turns her on, doing it in the bedroom, in the heat of the moment, will bring her out of her shell.

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Here are 5 sex fantasies she’s dying to try, but will never tell you.

1. Submission

There are a lot of women that are submissive by nature. She might be the cute, sweet, friendly girl that smiles all the time, but she probably has a very naughty side stashed away. Submission means that she is submissive to your dominance in the bedroom. This means that she will do everything that you tell her to do without question.

Obviously this doesn’t encompass the entire sexual realm. She’s not going to break the law or perform anything weird, but she will not obstruct your dominance when it comes to changing positions. Women love a guy that his dominant in the bedroom because it shows that he can take charge.

2. Domination

The antithesis of submission, domination puts her in control of everything in the bedroom. There are a lot of women that have a sex fantasy about taking control and turning their guy into their own sex slave. When the girl takes control, she is living out the fantasy of empowerment.

Making a guy bend to her will can be extremely sexy and most women will at least give this one a try before they realize whether or not they like it. The problem with this fantasy is that most men try to take control out of sheer natural instinct. If your girlfriend is trying to take control in the bedroom, let her. It might be something that she has wanted for a very long time.

3. Roleplaying

Roleplay sex fantasies are the most common among women. As stated before, most women keep their sexual fantasies hidden from their partners because they do not want to be seen as weird or strange. They don’t want to be rejected. However, when a couple engages in roleplaying, they have the ability to be someone else.

She might have a fantasy about being a sexy schoolteacher and her partner is the guy that does not do his homework. Whatever her fantasy is, roleplaying is a great way to take some of the boredom out of the same old sex. Women want to feel sexy and a great way to boost this is through roleplaying.

She can be as slutty or as sexy as she wants within the confines of a committed relationship. Ask your partner if this is something she has ever wanted to try. You may be surprised by the answer.

4. Lesbian Sex Fantasies

Another major fantasy for women is to be with another woman. Don’t get your hopes up just yet though. The majority of the time, this fantasy does not include men. Have you ever wondered why women get turned on so much by lesbian porn, but can’t stand watching porn with a guy and a girl?

Women are sexy. It doesn’t mean that she’s a lesbian just because she secretly wants to make out with or even have sex with another woman. These are fantasies because they will probably never come true. She might not even have the guts to admit that she finds women attractive. If you want to indulge her in this, the best way to do it is through lesbian porn.

5. The Stranger Fantasy

Most women have had one-night stands. One of the reasons that some many women have had a one-nighter is because of the stranger fantasy. This basically gets your girl turned on by the mystery of the stranger. She wonders how he makes love to women and the fact that she might not have to see this guy every again turns her on even more. If you want to help her live out this fantasy, meet her on the street or in a bar and pretend that you’re going to have a one-night stand with her.

This can also be a roleplaying fantasy, but it works well by just sticking this scenario by itself.

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