8 Tips For Sinful Sex


Plain, vanilla sex is good. It really is. Like a bowl of warm chicken soup on a cold winter day, vanilla sex can be comforting and sometimes it’s just what you need. But sinful, decadent, sizzling sex is like the dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake you know is going to blow your diet – but you want it and you want it bad. Instead of following your same sex routine tonight, try these simple tips to turn up the heat in the bedroom and make things really naughty.


Wear A Garter Belt

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It’s true – a garter belt is the stuff that most men’s fantasies are made of. Garter belts simply say, “I’m naughty! Let’s do naughty things together.” Slip a garter belt on under your favorite outfit when you’re going to dinner and afterwards, slip it off and let your man marvel at what’s underneath. Just make sure you don’t take it off when you do the deed – and leave your heels on too for good measure. Almost naked sex can sometimes be even better than fully naked sex if you do it right.

Have Confidence

Confidence is super sexy. No matter what you’re doing in the bedroom, whether you’re giving him a handjob, a blowjob or just having sex, act confident about what you’re doing and your skills in the bedroom. Don’t be so quick to turn out the lights or bury your face in his shoulder during your orgasm. Instead, let the confident, sexy woman in you out to play.

Look Him In The Eyes

Looking your man in the eyes is a great way to show him confidence and make him see you as a super sex vixen. Instead of closing your eyes when giving him a blowjob or having sex, look him in the eyes and let him know how much you’re enjoying it.

Lick Up And Down His Body

Instead of just keeping your tongue on his lips – or in his pants – lick up and down his body as though you just can’t get enough. Start with his toes and work your way up, going as slow or as fast as feels good. He’ll love the feel of your tongue in places he hasn’t felt before, such as on his legs and his chest.

Play Innocent

Introduce a little role play in the bedroom by suggesting to your partner that you’re “innocent” and need him to teach you how to do naughty things. Bat your eyelashes and look up at him coyly, all while doing very naugty and sexy things to him down there. He’ll really enjoy showing you all the things you’ve “never done before.”

Masturbate In Front Of Him

Most women cringe at the idea of getting caught masturbating by their guy, let alone masturbate in front of him. But guys love masturbation (heck, they do it all the time) and watching you do it is the ultimate turn on. Show him how you like to be touched by touching yourself, and don’t hold back when it comes to having an orgasm. Bonus points if you are able to ejaculate! You just might open your eyes after the big “O” and notice that he’s been touching himself too!

Try Anal Sex

If you’ve never tried anal sex before (and aren’t against it for some reason) try introducing a little anal play in the bedroom. You can start small with small anal sex toys such as tiny butt plugs or super skinny vibrators, or you can use your fingers. Just don’t forget to use a very generous amount of lube before you try anything having to do with the anus. It’s definitely not self lubricating like the vagina is. The appeal of anal sex is that it’s so “taboo” and it’s something that you’re “not supposed to be doing.”

The Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

Men are visual creatures and having something to look at while they’re having sex can make sex absolutely explosive for him. Turning the lights on while having sex is a daring but very rewarding move, but if you really want to be sinful in the bedroom, try the reverse cowgirl sex position. This sex position involves the woman being on top, but reversing herself so that she is facing his feet. Many women are apprehensive about letting their guy see all their lady bits up close and personal, but this is where a good dose of confidence comes in. He’s going to absolutely love watching you slide up and down his penis, no matter what!

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