How Do I Get My Man To Role Play With Me?


I love adult costumes, but Halloween is only once a year. Would it be weird to ask my boyfriend to extend our dress up beyond the holiday?

What She Said

Heck no, that’s not weird! In fact, I bet your boyfriend will be kissing your feet. A girl who wants to dress up in adult costumes? I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to know that he not only gets you as you are, but also has a sexy kitten, nurse, French maid, school girl, cheerleader and witch all coming to visit! If he, for whatever reason, expresses discomfort then there will be some compromises ahead – but my guess is that your revelation will be greeted with a big smile and a little (or a lot) of foreplay.

What He Said

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Would it be weird to ask him if it’s okay to wear adult costumes? Well, all that depends on the costumes. If you want to dress up like Chester A. Arthur or The Queen of England and have a historically accurate 19th century tea party, then yes, yes it is in fact weird. Unless of course he has a fetish for Medieval English History Reenactments and then no, it’s not weird. Well, the asking him to dress up part. The rest is most certainly off, to put it nicely.

What Adult Costumes Are Appropriate For The Bedroom?

If however, you want to dress up as a naughty nurse, a naughty doctor, a naughty cheerleader (you can also substitute the word ‘naughty’ with ‘slutty,’ ‘whore-y’ or ‘nympho’) and you think that it is weird to ask him if you want to wear those costumes for him, I have to wonder what exactly is wrong with you.

Are you afraid he’s going to take the kids and leave the country because he can’t believe what a foul mouth deviant you are? Are you afraid it will ruin his chances for running for office? Are you finding your sexual desires incompatible with your religion (if it makes you feel any better, the people who are in charge of your religion have way more f’d up sexual fantasies than you do).

Why He’ll Love Your Adult Costumes

The point here is that there’s no way your man will have a problem with you wearing sexy adult costumes for you. If he does, then he’s gay and just not ready to come out of the closet. Seriously. He may have a slight problem wearing costumes for you because, well, men feel weird rocking the banana hammock (or speed to the lay person).

He may not feel secure or comfortable in his body because he doesn’t fit the Fabio body type, or maybe he’s never done this kind of thing before. Just work with him on it and let him know you are into him and that this will make you want to do him more. That should eradicate any resistance he has to the idea, if he has any to begin with. If all else fails, offer him anal sex. That always works.

I really think this is less about how to get your man to go along with role playing and more about getting you to feel comfortable about it. There’s nothing wrong with it. You can be in a happy long term relationship (or not), monogamous (or not), and good parents (or childless) and still be freaks and whores in the bedroom. In fact, I encourage it.

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