Fun Sex Games To Try With Your Partner


Have you ever wished sex between you and your partner would be more enjoyable? If you’re like all men, you probably thought of doing some really kinky stuff with your girl but have not yet discovered how to lead the sex in that direction. But, what if she’s really not into that, you ask? I understand that it’s pretty difficult to start making love the way you really want when your partner is inhibited and stressed.

While you can do nothing to keep her from thinking about work, grocery bills and other tiresome issues, you can improve the mood by making her relax while she’s alone with you. Being relaxed will lead to more enjoyable things, as you’ll soon find out. Read on to discover some of the best sexy games you can do with your partner to make her less inhibited and more willing to try kinky sex with you.

Find That Ticklish Spot

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Stimulating someone sexually when she’s not in the mood is like plunging a bar of ice into boiling water. The ice will not thaw slowly, it will break. What you need to do is warm her up in a way that she naturally opens up.

You can do this by poking her or running your fingers on her ticklish spots and gently teasing her. Be as naughty as you want. It’s important to do this gradually so that she naturally allows you to explore her body. When you get her laughing and giggling, you can pick up the pace and start acting sexual. You can let her turn the tables on you, too.

Use Props

When she is breathless with anticipation, or if you have made it clear over dinner that you intend to make love that night, you can bring props with you to bed. It does not have to be some fancy sex toy that you bought online; you can simply use what you have at home.

Bring a bowl full of ice cubes to bed or slices of her favorite fruit. You can even encourage her to bring out her vibrator so she can play with it while you do your moves on her. Props and toys make sex more exciting. Have fun trying out each one and finding out which ones give the best sensations.

Who Can Hold Climax Longer

The fun thing about this game is that the more she tries to hold her orgasm in, the more aroused she gets. This is a psychological game that you can play with your girl, to increase sexual tension and anticipation on her part. The more she tries to hold back, the harder you should work so that she will not be able to hold back.

The next time you think of using champagne to “loosen up,” think about these sex games. There really is no need for artificial stimulants when you can play some kinky games with your partner to get her in the mood.

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