Discover The 3rd Element Of Sex That Will TWIST It Up! (Hint: It’s NOT Another Woman!)


Sex games are a great way to add spice and fire to your sex life. Use role play, food, sex toys and more to change things up and reignite the passion TONIGHT!

If you want to bring back the fire in your rapidly dwindling sexual relationship, you need to bring this third wheel to bed. When you have this third “member” in your bedroom, the sexual possibilities become so logistically incredible that you can have the balls to say that you never have the same sex twice. It will always be new, it will always be fresh – even though you’re with that same old fart. The third aspect will always make it beautiful for you.

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So, what is it?

It’s The “Twist” To Regular Sex!

It’s the imaginative element you introduce to the daily grind that spices up sexual encounters. You’re still the same, she’s still the same, it’s the twist and how you two interact with it that makes your sessions an event worthy of the name sexcapades.

It not only adds another source of pleasure, it distracts the couple from the sameness that is their love-making by focusing their attention not on that-same-set-of-breasts but on something else. The twist provides the avenue for novelty in spite having the same sexual partner – which comes in handy for people in long-term, committed relationships.

Ways To Change It Up

This aspect can be about anything. Let’s say the couple decides to make the change in location. That is, they never have sex in the same place or that they make sure they’ve done it in every corner of their house, or every bathroom/floor in the building. Or they vow to do it in every branch of a famous hotel chain around the country. Some retirees plan their trips so they make love in every state in the US.

Another example would be the time change, which is replete with many variations. A couple could set their timer for 5-minutes, during which they could do anything they want. But after the 5-minute mark, they have to drop everything – no matter how orgasmic it is. It’s a quickie with a time limit! Or they can dare set personal records for the fastest quickies.

A couple may also decide on different intervals before they can bump uglies. For example, they can set a 3-day interval for sex – regardless if they get horny or not – making them look forward to the day they can have it. (The interval can be increased or decreased as the couple sees fit, or they can write different intervals on sheets of paper, throw them in a hat and draw one.)

Adding music also presents many variations. A couple can change their background tunes on a weekly or monthly basis, knowing full well that the beat to which they make-love will affect the love-making itself. Sex accompanied with Beethoven symphonies will be different from that with Jamaican groove.

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

As you can see, there is no limit to the elements one can introduce. And the change in focus from the partner to the third aspect of sex doesn’t negatively affect the relationship since the twist is not a 120 lb. blonde who lives next door.

In fact, quite the opposite happens, the excitement brought about by the eroticism of a mutually endorsed twist rubs on the partner and strengthens the bond. There’s that feeling of being partners in crime, a certain “we-ness” developed because “we” are doing something others are not.

The third aspect of sex can truly be anything – anything at all. It need not take you to different locations and can be as simple as: running different types of fabric on each other’s bodies while blindfolded. It’s deceptively simple, but when you actually try it, it’s as if you’re in a different world.

Go with themes, topics and variations that interest you. The process of coming up with the creative twist is in itself a very challenging and exciting affair, making for warm and playful coffee table conversations. If you can engage your woman and dial-up her anticipation and desire for it, you’ll have someone who’ll never let you out of sight.

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