Sex Games That Women Love – Take Your Girl To Orgasmic Heights!


Sex games can be an incredible way to spice up your sex life. Try these fun sex games and your partner will be all but ripping your clothes off!

It is natural for a relationship to grow dull at each passing years of being together. It is the responsibility of both the man and the woman to do something in order to liven up their sex life. It may be hard for couples to think of what they can do to keep the passions burning in their relationship. The answer to this is to play an adult sex game while inside the bedroom.

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Below are three fun and exhilarating sex games that can guarantee you and your woman a more satisfying sexual union!

Be An Audience

One of the most exciting bedroom rituals is in watching your partner masturbate. Let’s face it – we all have skeletons in our closets. Deep inside, we all have a voyeuristic attitude where we find enjoyment in viewing a sexually stimulating act. And when seeing your partner pleasuring herself in front of you, you are also unleashing your wild persona.

Pick your favorite position in bed as she pleases herself with very sensual moves. After she is done, you may handle the rest of the job on her behalf. Then you will arrive at a point where you will no longer have those inhibitions and you’ll just be dominated by the euphoria of having those intimate moments.

You will not only be sexually gratified by what you are seeing but you will also know everything when it comes to your woman’s pleasure points. And when you know how you can give her the addictive ecstasy, you can do better in making her feel blissful the next time you get her to bed!

Enjoy A “Movie Night” Together

This entails watching an erotic film together during one of your intimate nights. Pick any suggestive videos, which both you and your woman would prefer. Be sure to pay close attention to the scenes in the media material because after viewing some of them, you should be ready to relive each moment. You can do the remakes of the scenes and let these run for 15 to 20 minutes. Like with the first idea, you will be able to learn about things that will keep your other half heated up!

Give An Erotic Massage

The kneading of fingers along each other’s body is a key factor in keeping the sexual bond stronger. The use of fragrant oil plus those heavy yet gentle caresses all over her body is what makes those sexual encounters more exciting.

Of course, there are proper ways to perform a sensuous body massage on her. For example:

Purchase hot oil and plastic sheets for the warm effect on her body. You can heat up the oil, which you will use later on her body.

To begin the massage, pour generous amounts of oil on your hand and rub it all over her body. Then give her a very soothing body massage, which will brighten up her mood. Once she is ready, you may proceed to touch her more private areas. But never forget that you are doing this as a way to give her comfort!

Using body massage is like hitting two birds with one stone. You are not only giving your partner the relief her body badly needs, you are also leading her to a more sexually-pleasurable experience that she will never forget!

Try out these three suggested sex games and you’ll be surprised at how electrifying these can be when mixed with your usual bedroom activities!

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