How To Get A Girl To Do A Striptease For You


A striptease is something every guy wants from their lover – but how do you get your woman to do it? These striptease suggestions will get your lady to dance.

Men are drawn to women who take their clothes off slowly. If you don’t believe me, take a trip to your local strip club and watch the dollars come flying out of their wallets. If you’re in a relationship and you only have eyes for your girlfriend or wife, a striptease can be a very sexy way to spice things up in the bedroom.

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Watching her dance slowly as her clothing starts to fall to the ground can be erotic and make her feel sexy. But how do you get your girlfriend or wife to do a lap dance for you? It’s actually easier than you think. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Make Her Feel Sexy

Is your girlfriend or wife comfortable with her sexuality? Does she masturbate when you’re not around? Can she have an orgasm with you? If your girlfriend or wife is cold about sex, she might not be into doing a striptease for you. On the other hand, this might be a way for her to gain some of her sexuality back. Women want to feel sexy. Ask her if she’s up for it. If your girlfriend is highly sexual it might just take a few hints to get her to do a striptease for you.

Tell Her You Think It Would Be Hot

If your girlfriend or wife likes to experiment in the bedroom then this could be a next step in kink. Get some good music and tell her that it would be really sexy the next time that you’re horny. By telling her that you think it would be hot you convey confidence in her ability to turn you on.

This confidence should transfer to her and she could be more likely to do a striptease for you. Although the relationship is not all about your needs, your partner should be willing to try something that might make you happy.

Offer To Pay For Pole Dancing Classes

Made famous by Carmen Electra, pole-dancing classes have become a popular way for women to regain their sexuality and stay in shape at the same time. Consider paying for some dancing classes for your wife or girlfriend. One reason that she might not want to do a striptease for you is embarrassment or not having enough confidence. Going to a class geared toward the right moves can get her started in the right direction. While you might not have a pole in your home, she can get the gist of sexualizing her dances.

Take Her To A Strip Club

All right, this one might be a little out there, but some girls really thrive on the environment a strip club offers. Women can appreciate the body of another woman without feeling intimidating. This isn’t the same for men.

Take your girlfriend or wife to a strip club and tell her that you would love to see her doing the moves. Not only will this shower her some tips for when she’s doing a striptease for you, the whole evening can be sexualized. Get her to put a dollar down the girl’s G-string for a little added fun.

Buy Her A Video

If your partner is at all bashful about taking a class or going to a strip club, she could learn how to do a striptease for you right from her own living room. There are a ton of videos on the market that specialize in teaching women how to dance with sexuality. Taking their clothes off slowly and using their body as a tool to get you turned on is a skill that must be learned.

Look into some products that will help her get the basics and show her suggestions along the way. If you don’t like some of the dances that the videos are teaching her, tell her about it. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just say something like “I like when you do this much more.”

The body of woman is something that can make men melt like butter. With low lighting, the right music and the right lingerie, women can bring their men to the edge within a few minutes. If you would like to get your girlfriend or wife to do a striptease for you, you should ease her into it.

Being honest about your desires is essential to having a healthy and happy relationship. This interest is something that she will want to explore if she really does care about what gets you going. Don’t put any pressure on her if she doesn’t want to do it. Just let her know that you are confident in her ability to give you the best striptease you have ever had.

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