The New Sex Rules For Women


Women who enjoy sex are much happier than those who don’t. Sex can make you smile all day and make you bloom like a flower. If you have an active sex life, you feel sexier and more alive.

Some women claim that it’s the constructive and romantic relationship that is making the sex awesome. Some say the sex is great that’s why the relationship keeps getting better. From any angle, it’s unmistakeable that sex plays a huge role in making any loving relationship a success.

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But what if your relationship with your partner continues to flourish even if your sex life has started to falter? You are still living together, you’re talking like old buddies and you enjoy watching movies and television shows together. You do not share a long French kiss but you peck each other on the cheek before you leave for work. Is that enough to keep your relationship going?

Some women might say yes, it’s enough. But a sizable majority would probably disagree. Sexual intimacy is something that a relationship must have or it’s going to hit the skids anytime soon.

So, what can you do if you want a better sex life and you want to share intimate moments with your partner again? You lay down some ground rules…

Share Sexual Fantasies

You should never feel ashamed about your fetishes. Everyone has some kinky thoughts every now and then, and yours should not make you feel embarrassed. One way to improve sexual intimacy with your partner is to tell him about your sex fantasies, no matter what they are. Doing this will give him an idea of what you like, and he can think of some ways to please you more in the bedroom.

Encourage Intimate Touching

Remind your partner that touching is essential to make a woman feel secure and safe. Touching often does not have to lead to sex, but if it does, you both should go with the flow. Some men feel pressured when their partner touches them intimately. They feel pressured to perform.

Female Masturbation

I know a lot of women who try to keep the fact that they masturbate a secret from their partner. Some women feel like they are cheating on their partner. A woman should not feel ashamed of the fact that she pleasures herself. In fact, the next time you have sex, you must be able to show your partner how you do it.

Having sex daily might be impossible if you have chores at home and you have to deal with stress in the workplace. However, you should never assume that the intimacy requirement could only be met with actual penetration. You can strengthen the sexual tension between you and your partner by acting sexual towards each other whenever you can.

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