10 Best Places To Have Sex And Feel One With Nature


Sex can sometimes get boring when you’re doing it in the bedroom every time you and your lover want to get busy. Sure, you can do it on the couch or in the shower, but why not take it totally outside the house? Connect with your outdoor surroundings by having sex with your lover in these amazing places.


In An Outdoor Hot Tub Overlooking The Ski Slopes

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Having sex with your lover in a hot tub is incredible – but imagine doing it in a hot tub surrounded by mountains of beautiful, crisp snow. Not only is this a super hot place to have sex with your partner, but it’s also one of the best places if you’re looking for romance. If your hot tub isn’t private, you may have other couples joining you (which may or may not be a bad thing depending on how you look at it), but if you want some privacy, find a hotel with a Jacuzzi on the balcony.

On A Nude Beach (Or Any Beach) At Night

Sex on the beach is amazing – there’s a reason they named a drink after it. It’s a wonderful experience being intimate with your partner while being surrounded by frothy ocean waves and the sea salt in the air. The only downside to this? Sand! And of course, getting caught which is why choosing a nude beach may work in your favor. If your lover isn’t bothered by sand, choose sex positions where they are on the bottom, or try doggy style where only your knees are in the sand. Or, bring a blanket!

Inside A Butterfly House

This is a very romantic place to have sex and connect with nature. You’re surrounded by flowers and thousands of butterflies – girls love this! Aside from being careful not to get caught, you also want to be very mindful of what is around you. You don’t want to go destroying the habitat of the butterflies! Find a spot where you’re not likely to disturb anything and get it on. If you think you have time for foreplay before anyone heads your way, go for it! In fact, this may be a place where foreplay is better than actually doing it.

In A Canoe In The Middle Of The Lake Under The Stars At Night

Everyone has sex at the lake – that’s just what happens! But you can put a new spin on this by actually doing it in a canoe in the middle of the lake. The experience of the water rocking underneath you is wonderful! Finding different sex positions to use in a canoe can be a little difficult, so try using an air mattress instead if the canoe just isn’t your thing. Don’t tip it over and fall off, and remember to hug the shore so you don’t end up in the path of a large boat or jet ski.

In An Underground Cave

This place provides you with a private, dark and cozy place to connect with the Earth and your lover. One of the great things about an underground cave is that while it is outdoors, it is also very private and the risk of getting caught here is minimal at best. Avoid caverns that are known to have bears and make sure to dress warm or bring a nice, thick blanket because underground caves and caverns can get downright chilly!

In A Field Of Pure, White Snow

Find a large field of pure, white snow that has been undisturbed. You can usually find one just after it snows, in the early hours of the morning before anyone has bothered the area. Being in a field of snow really dampens the sound around you, so it’s a great place if you’re looking to have sex somewhere amazingly peaceful. Oral sex can be great here, because the experience of the cold snow in conjunction with your partner’s hot mouth is incredible.

In A Field Of Daisies

This is a very sweet, romantic place to have sex with your partner. Girls love flowers, so having sex in a field full of them is an experience she will never forget. However, if you or your partner have bad allergies or are allergic to daisies or bees, this probably isn’t the best place to go for really great sex. Who wants to sneeze ten times during a blowjob?

At The Top Of The Grand Canyon

While this isn’t as cozy as having sex at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, it does provide for some amazing views. This is even better at sunset, when the golden rays of the sun are caressing you and your lover’s sweat kissed skin as you enjoy making love in a place that is absolutely breathtaking.

In A Fragrant Flower Garden

Instead of giving your partner a bouquet of flowers, up the romance by taking her to a huge flower garden and laying her naked body across the soft, sweet smelling flower petals. She will never want it to end! Not only will the sex be amazing, you’ll also get big brownie points for the romance factor. Be careful of thorns though – don’t have sex in the rosebushes.

If you really like the idea of having sex on a bed of flower petals, prep the area first by laying out hundreds of petals in place that doesn’t have any thorns – or just do this in your bedroom. You can almost always get flower petals at a discount from florists – they bag up the ones that fall off the flowers and sell them for much less than they sell the actual flowers. Just use lots of petals – the effect is lost if there’s only a few.

Under A Natural Waterfall

This is a super sexy place to get it on with your lover because the sound and feel of the rushing water creates a feeling of power and lust that is unmatched by any other place. Since you pretty much won’t be able to hear anything besides the water, you’re going on feeling alone and that can be incredibly sensual.

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