10 Best Places To Have Wild Sex And Really Let Go


Is your sex life getting lukewarm? If so, you might be wondering how to heat it up – especially if you’ve been in a long term relationship for awhile and things have gotten boring between you and your lover. Instead of doing the same old same old, try moving out of the bedroom and start getting it on in places that allow you to be a little freaky and really let go of you inhibitions. Here are some great locations to get out and about and let it all hang out!


While Blindfolded In A Room Full Of People

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If the idea of being watched by others really turns you on, consider having sex in a room full of your closest friends (if they’re open-minded to the idea). However, this is definitely something that you have to be completely okay with before you actually do it – if it really makes you nervous but you still want to try it, don a blindfold before you get it on. You’ll know people are watching you have sex, but you won’t actually have to look at their faces while you’re doing it.

In Front Of Your Hotel Room Window With The Curtains Open

This is another way to indulge in your voyeurism fantasy, but without the stress of having sex in front of a lot of people. Next time you and your lover get a hotel room for the night, throw open the curtains before you get it on. Bonus points if you’re high up enough to get a great view – and let others get a great view of you. Double bonus points if you actually do it up against the window.

A Public Beach In The Middle Of The Day

Having sex on the beach is ultra romantic (except for the sand), but most people who enjoy this choose to do it at night or in the evening, when there are less people on the beach and they are less likely to get caught. Put a new twist on this classic location by finding a public beach to have sex on during the day. Of course, you’re very likely to get caught, but for many people, that’s half the fun! Just make sure you’re not getting busy around any youngsters. A nude beach is more likely to be free of children.

In A Porno Theater Booth

Porn is a great turn on for both men and women, and just watching porn at home with your lover can really give your sex life a boost. However, you can mix it up a little by finding a porno theater booth – found in many sex toy stores around the globe – and getting it on with your lover in there. Don’t be ashamed to bring the Clorox wipes though, because there’s definitely the possibility of coming into contact with other people’s bodily fluids. Enough said.

Fantasy Or Virtual Reality Sex

If you’re the shy type but really like the idea of having kinky sex and getting rid of your inhibitions, use your computer to your advantage. There are tons of websites that offer fantasy or virtual reality sex, where you can create a sexy avatar of yourself and engage in virtual sexual acts with others – including your partner. This is a great way to explore your fantasies and try things you’ve never tried before without actually having to go outside your comfort zone.

In A Room Full Of Mirrors

If you’ve ever wanted to see what you and your lover look like when having sex, the best way to do that is to find a room full of mirrors (sometimes hotels will have this, or you can install mirrors into your own home) and get it on in front of the glass. This allows you and your lover to feel exposed and voyeuristic in a private way. The best sex position to watch yourself in is often doggy style, since it allows you and your partner both to get an eyeful of the action.

In A Public Jacuzzi With Other People

Finding a public jacuzzi to have sex in is a great place to do it in front of other people, without actually letting anyone know what you’re really doing. While you may not actually be able to have intercourse this way, a nice handjob can easily be achieved without anyone knowing what is actually going on!

Oral Sex At A Restaurant Underneath A Table With A Long Tablecloth

Again, if you’re into having public sex but don’t really want to get caught (or if you just want to keep it a sexy secret between you and your lover), try slipping under the table when having dinner at a restaurant to give your partner oral sex. This can actually be very easy to do if the table you’re sitting at has a long tablecloth, and your date can easily use the excuse that you’ve left  the table to use the restroom – that is, if they can manage to get the words out.

While Being Photographed Or Filmed By An Open-Minded Professional

If you’re going to do it in front of someone, why not get a keepsake afterwards? If you’ve ever wanted nice, erotic pictures or a sexy video of you and your partner together, find an open-minded professional that wouldn’t mind helping you out. The finished products are a lot better than what you’ll get if you do it yourself.

At A Swinger Club

If you really want to get wild (and possibly have a threesome or foursome), a swinger club is the place to go. Swinger clubs sound intimidating, but lots of places allow you to do whatever is comfortable for you – whether it’s watching others only, having others watch you or getting a little more frisky. If you have a swinger club in your area, try it out!

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