10 Easy Ways You Can Make Sex Better For Her – And You!


Making sex better for her is the key to making sex better for you. If she’s satisfied, you’ll have better sex more often rather than going days or even weeks in between having sex. Here are 10 easy ways you can make sex better for her – and yourself – so you can start spicing up your sex life tonight!

Oral Sex Techniques

Lick her clitoris. Start slow, and then build up speed until she’s literally shaking underneath you! One great trick is to use what is called the “alphabet method.” Lick the letters of the alphabet on your partner’s clitoris slowly, and go faster as her body responds to what you’re doing. Bet you don’t make it through the alphabet twice!

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Finger her while you go down on her. Many women really enjoy having both g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation at the same time. In fact, this is one of the best ways to give her a “blended orgasm” or a g-spot and a clitoral orgasm at the same time!

Explore every inch of her vagina with your tongue. Too many men focus only on the clitoris and forget that the rest of the vagina is sensitive as well. Lick up and down her vagina with your tongue, switching from a pointed tongue to a flat tongue that “laps.” You can also practice “french kissing” her vagina. Wrap your lips around her folds and “kiss” her like you would kiss her mouth. She’ll love it!

Kissing Techniques

Kiss her slowly and deeply. Women love kissing, and it helps them to feel physically and emotionally connected to their partners. Also, deep french kissing can be a teaser to what you’re going to do next when you eat her out!

Kiss her body. Involving her whole body in sex is a great way to get her mind completely involved in sex as well. Don’t allow her to lay back and let the day’s to-do list occupy her mind. Instead, get her whole body involved with your mouth like you can’t get enough of her.

Intercourse Techniques

Let her be on top. It is easier for a woman to reach orgasm when she’s on top versus when you are on top. This is because she controls her muscles, the movement and the positioning and can control her climax.

Go slow. It takes time for a woman to build up an orgasm, especially through intercourse. If you start out hard and fast, it’s likely she won’t have time to have an orgasm at all. Instead, go slow until she reaches climax and then you can go as hard and as fast as you want.

Push your pelvis forward. Provide your partner with clitoral stimulation during intercourse by pushing your pelvis forward to grind against hers. You can also add a dollop of lube just above your groin to make the sensations even better for her.

Using Your Hands

Touch her everywhere. Don’t just focus on the hot spots! Instead, run your hands up and down her body as though she were made of silk or cashmere. Make her feel like she is made of silk or cashmere!

Hold her hands during sex. Whether you’re going down on her or having sex, hold her hands and make her feel cherished. Feeling emotionally satisfied from sex is as important to a woman as feeling physically satisfied.

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