10 Libido Types – Which One Is YOUR Girl?


Libido types are important for understanding your partner. The more often you can practice touching each other, the easier and more magical it will get! The amount of time that you have available for sex will vary, but you can maximize your chances by gaining an understanding of your wife’s libido. Take these tips to heart and make the most of her love-style.

1. The Sensual Type

The sensual woman is an emotional creature and sex is a pure expression of her love for you. She adores the exotic when it comes to exploring the finer things in life, so don’t be surprised if she enjoys feeling champagne bubbles on her skin or the taste of fresh fruit and chocolate during foreplay.

2. The Erotic Type

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Eroticism is defined by its intensity. An erotic libido demands the extraordinary – something breathtaking and adventurous. This woman probably won’t turn down “ordinary” sex, but to really grab her attention it needs to have that spark.

3. The Dependent Type

A dependent libido understands sex as a way to relieve stress and relax. A woman thus inclined is likely to become upset and frustrated without frequent release, but may not always be willing to initiate. To avoid the cycle of abstinence – then fighting over a lack of sex drive – then make-up-sex release, you may want to try adding some other regular physical activity to your routine.

Try going for hikes or playing a sport together to invigorate that competitive spirit and warm up your bodies, minds and emotions before letting go.

4. The Reactive Type

This sexual personality is rarely aroused before their partner. They will almost never instigate sex through foreplay, but can have an active sex life if their lover takes the lead. It can take a lot longer to get things going, but don’t fret! Showing and telling your wife how turned on you are by her is a surefire way to ignite her flame.

5. The Entitled Type

Hopefully neither you nor your wife fall into this category. This kind of lover doesn’t really believe they have any responsibility to pleasure their partner, or believes their skills are better than they truly are, and so feels as if they are entitled to receive pleasure but don’t actually give any back. This type of lover holds and resonates loving sexual energy, but never replicates or reciprocates it. In short, the entitled libido is selfish, ignorant or both. It’s time to do something different, right?

6. The Addictive Type

This kind of person tends to get sex-obsessed. It is an absolutely necessary component of their day-to-day lives, often to the detriment of other areas, including relationships. Addictive lovers are prone to cheating and may have a difficult time maintaining relationships if they cannot overcome their emotional dependence on sexual pleasure. Discovering their true sexual and emotional potential will help them recover from addiction and learn to enjoy a healthy, regular sex life without feeling desperate.

7. The Stressed Type

A stressed out lover is no fun for anyone, so if this describes you or your wife, some immediate change is necessary! This kind of libido is going to be very low, because sex is an uncomfortable event filled with anxiety. Pressure to perform and worries of inadequacy make true intimacy nearly impossible. This person needs to do some real soul searching and work towards coming to accept their body and having their body accepted by others.

8. The Disinterested Type

Sometimes the result of past sexual distress, sometimes the product of a very low libido, some men and women are just not very interested in sex and orgasm. This, of course, does not mean they don’t enjoy intimate touch! Some women do not enjoy the thrusting of a penis inside them, but instead find great pleasure in oral sex, mutual masturbation and the skillful manual manipulation of a coochie connoisseur, and don’t mind reciprocating for an eager lover.

9. The Detached Type

A detached lover doesn’t necessarily dislike sex, but rather tends to forget about it when it is on the back burner. Even if they feel sexual, they may tend to spend a few minutes with masturbation rather than initiate sex, because of the time it would take away from the things currently occupying their mind. With this kind of partner, it can be important to make dates.

Take time away from the TV, the computer, Addictive lovers are prone to cheating and may have a difficult time maintaining relationships if they cannot overcome their emotional dependence on sexual pleasure. the kids and the kitchen; turn off the cell phones and lock the doors (or better yet, go somewhere special away from it all!) and get your minds focused on each other.

10. The Compulsive Type

Folks with fetishes and problems with chronic masturbation tend to fall in this category, where sex is only really enjoyable if they are able to follow a specific ritual. This need is often psychosomatic and can easily be adapted to work in a relationship.

Most women who are only able to achieve orgasm through one specific act or movement can learn to achieve orgasm in other ways if the sensation is altered over time – in other words, if you spend enough time fingering her while she uses her vibrator, she can probably learn to orgasm just from your hands, without the use of the vibrator!

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