21 Short & Sweet Sex Tips You CAN’T Miss!


Sex tips come in all forms – lengthy, detailed and more. But THESE sex tips are easily digestible, so you don’t want to miss out on these sexy little jewels!

If You Have Trouble Reaching Orgasm

Masturbate before sex first, but don’t let yourself reach climax. Then, when you and your partner start getting it on, you’ll zoom to the peak in no time.

If You’ve Never Had An Orgasm

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Masturbate. Enough said.

Use Your PC Muscles During Sex

Girls, squeeze his penis with your vaginal muscles as he’s thrusting. Do this one the “out” stroke and it will be easier on you, do this on the “in” stroke and you’ll feel super tight to him.

Don’t Neglect Your Nipples

Either have your partner pinch, lick and suck on them or do it yourself. This works especially well if you’re on the edge but just can’t seem to tip over.

Act Out Your Fantasies

There are lots of ways to act out your fantasies, even if you can’t go all out. Get a few inexpensive props and let your imagination run WILD!

Do The Opposite Of What You Usually Do

Most people start having sex slowly, and work up to a faster and faster pace. Mix things up by turning it around so you’re starting out super fast and slowing down as you get closer and closer to orgasm. This will drive you both absolutely crazy!

Talk Dirty

If you don’t already do this, start. It makes a huge difference in how hot and naughty your sex life feels.

Use Pillows

Invest in some really good, fluffy yet sturdy pillows. Use them to help you reach different angles during sex by propping various body parts up with pillows. Get creative with this!

Bring The Edibles To The Bedroom

You know, the sexy ones. Cherries, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauce…you get the idea! Have your lover for dessert!

Try Sixty-Nine

If you’ve never had simultaneous oral sex before, now is the time to try. Once you get going and get lost in the moment, it will be hard to tell who stops and starts where and who is doing what!

Show Your Partner What You Like

Are you shy? Get over it! Display your masturbatory habits to your partner so they can see what you like and re-enact it.

Forget Missionary

Sure, it’s great and all but work some other sex positions in there too. Girl on top helps a woman reach orgasm faster, while doggy style feels absolutely naughty.

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Wet T-Shirt

Don a white t-shirt and undies, and step in the shower. If you’d rather not get the house soaked, make sure he’s in the shower when you get in.

Engage In PDA

Not the romantic kind, unless it’s that kind of event. We’re talking about the nasty, naughty, get-a-room kind of PDA here.

Try On Lingerie Together

Visit a lingerie store and try on your favorites together. This is especially fun if you don’t have the money to buy anything but still want the experience of seeing each other in your sexiest skivvies. Bonus points if you actually end up getting it on in the dressing room.

Give Your Partner Only Oral Sex, All Night Long

Forget about yourself for a night, and give your lover hours and hours of oral sex. Make the night all about THEM. Can’t stand the torture? Masturbate yourself while you go down on them. They’ll love it!

Be A Show Off

Walk around the house naked. Do the dishes naked. Better yet, next time you lie down for your partner, spread your legs wide and let them get the best view imaginable. They will love the fact that you’re not even a tiny bit shy in front of them (but only them).

Look Mom, No Hands!

Give your partner oral sex with your hands held (or tied) behind your back. The feeling of only your mouth will drive them absolutely insane!

Sex Games

Sex games are severely underrated. Find a brand new sex game that you’ve never tried and do it TONIGHT!

Go Deep

The best sex positions for the deepest penetration vary from couple to couple based on both individuals’ body types. Experiment with different sex positions until you find the one that allows you to have the deepest possible penetration!

Don’t Be Afraid To Scream!

Unless you’re going to get kicked out of your place, don’t be afraid to let a guttural moan or scream out every now and then. The animalistic sound is incredible!

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