3 Dirty Sex Moves Men Crave In Bed

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Every guy craves dirty sex. Most of them are hesitant about asking their partners to do certain things in bed for fear of offending the other person, or being judged. However, most  crave a few “naughty” things in between the sheets, even if they are afraid to ask for it. Spice up your sex life by anticipating the “taboo” things your man wants to do to you and give him dirty sex tonight!

Orgasm Inside Your Mouth

Every porn video he has ever seen contains a variation or two of this oral sex activity. Since he has spend a lot of time fantasizing about “cum in mouth” and “cum on face” scenes, he might want to try these when you’re having sex. But some women are offended at the thought of swallowing a man’s sperm. She may also feel affronted at the thought of a man’s semen spraying all over her face. But if your man cannot do these things with you, who else would he do it with?

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Save him the trouble of him asking by telling him to orgasm in your mouth. If he asks why you feel like doing it this time, just say you want to taste him in the most intimate way possible.


Being the recipient of oral sex should tell you how sensitive the skin around your anus is. It’s called the perineum, where the skin is thinner than anywhere else around your pubic area. For women, it’s the patch of skin that stretches the most during sex. If you felt all sorts of pleasurable sensations when your man caresses that area, you should know that it’s the same for guys. But some women feel grossed out at the thought of licking their partners there, so men usually don’t ask.

While you’re blowing him, slide down to that place and don’t slow down. He might feel surprised, even shocked, at your daring but the pleasure will overpower him after a few minutes of analingus. Slide your tongue over his anal sphincter to intensify the sensation.

Anal Sex

Anal sex on you is something that you and your man might have tried. But have you ever thought about doing it to him? Like rimming, he might be craving for you to shove your tongue or your finger up his ass but never knew how to ask.

Once you’ve graduated from rimming, you can proceed with exploring his anal region with your fingers and your tongue. However, be prepared for some sort of resistance, as straight men who have never tried this before may feel like they’re getting violated.

If your man shows signs of detesting the act because it feels “gay,” remind him that a woman is doing it to him so he shouldn’t feel that way. It’s probably better to discuss the possibility of anal sex on him before you proceed. A man needs to prepare himself mentally and physically for the act.

There are women who can do the things I mentioned effortlessly, but there are women who don’t want to do these things because these activities are “dirty,” literally. If you’re one of these women, you can easily solve this problem by doing it in the bath or under the shower.

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