3 Mind Blowing Sex Techniques


Sex can drive her wild – IF you know how to do it the right way. A lot of guys don’t know their way around a girl’s anatomy, let alone actually use tried and true sex techniques to bring her to orgasm. Here are three ways to make a girl go crazy with sexual pleasure!


The Art Of Teasing During Foreplay

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A lot of guys rush in during sex, anxious to get to the main event. Intercourse feels so great for a guy, he automatically assumes that it feels that excellent for a girl without really thinking it through. However, skipping the foreplay stage can really lower the pleasure factor for a woman – even completely. So take your time with foreplay and tease your partner. Get her to really want and crave your touch! Here’s how:

Kiss Lightly Up Her Legs

Start at her feet and kiss and lick lightly all the way up her legs, as though you were going to give her oral sex – but don’t! Get your mouth close to her vagina, nibble or kiss a little on the inside of her thighs, and then make your way back down her legs again all the way to her toes. Do this a few times and she’ll be begging you to put your mouth on her!

You can even take the teasing up a notch by giving her a little oral sex but then backing off for a few minutes while you caress your partner’s legs. If you tease too much without any stimulation, she may get bored with it. However, with the right combination of teasing and actual touching, you can really drive your lover wild!

Take Your Lover By Surprise

Every woman gets tired of the same old same old when it comes to seduction. What worked before isn’t always going to work, so you have to keep looking for new ways to get your partner’s attention and get her turned on. Even things that seemingly worked like magic just a few months ago aren’t necessarily going to work again, so you always want to stay on top of your game with new ways to seduce and tease your lover. Here’s how to surprise your partner with an extra bold kiss:

The Door Slam

Grab your lover and slam them up against the door or a wall and start kissing her aggressively. The idea here is not to hurt her – so you don’t want to do this too hard or be too aggressive with your kissing – but to her by surprise. Slamming her against a wall when done the right way won’t hurt at all – it will be surprising and a little disconcerting, especially since it usually makes a loud noise. This will take her breath away, and then she will melt right into the kiss.

Making Eye Contact

Eyes are called the windows to the soul for a reason – great eye contact can help you bond emotionally with a woman in a way that nothing else can. Eye contact works great during flirting, but you can also take it up a notch and work eye contact into sex. A lot of people look away from each other during sex, or look somewhere else on their partner’s face instead of looking directly into their eyes. Eye contact during sex can be such a powerful way to intensify your lover’s orgasm. Here’s how:

Eye Contact During Orgasm

When your partner is about to reach orgasm, have her look directly into your eyes. If she tries to look away, stop stimulating her and doing whatever it is that you’re doing that is bringing her closer to the brink of climax. This forces her to look into your eyes, and you’re “rewarding” her with pleasure when she does.

At some point, she’s going to go off the edge and slip into the abyss of orgasm while holding eye contact with you. It can be an incredible experience for your partner to look into your eyes as you give her intense pleasure, and watching your partner so deeply while their body is wracked with spasms can be amazing for you too.

This may not happen exactly right on the first try, and it may take a little while to build your partner up to the point where she can look you in the eyes throughout the entire climax. However, the process of learning how to do it can be just as much fun as actually doing it!

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