3 Reasons Why Men Need To Become Better Lovers


“Was it good for her?” This is just one of the many questions which most men are hesitant to voice out after a session in the sack. Unless you’ve had rave reviews about how much of a stud you are in bed from the women you slept with in the past, it is but natural to have these insecurities.

The Top Three Reasons Why Men Need to Become a Better Lover

To start right off, let us take a look at the top three reasons why men need to become a better lover:

1. Do away with boredom in the bedroom.

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Let’s say that you and your girlfriend have been going out for quite some time now. The longer that you and a woman have been together, the more comfortable you will be with seeing each other’s bodies in your birthday suit. This comfort factor can be the bane of your intimate relationship, because that’s when boredom in the bedroom occurs.
If you don’t want that special woman in your life to leave you because your sex life is not something to rave about anymore, then you should do your part in making sure that your skills as a lover is improved.

Basically, the best way to revitalize your sex life is to relive the ‘newness’ of your relationship. You can become a better lover by determining which aspect of your sex life needs improvement.
You may need to refresh your knowledge of different sex positions because the missionary and woman-on-top variations have suddenly grown old. If there’s even a doubt in your mind that she is faking her orgasms, the best way to prevent her from not doing it again is to be adept with your oral loving skills.

Or, you might just need to change the pace of your lovemaking. It could be that you’re lacking in foreplay – or you’re not giving her enough of a rush by indulging in quickies. No matter which aspects of your sex life it is that can do with an improvement, find ways to work on them so that you can be a better lover.

2. Stop suffering from humiliating experiences from women.

If you think that humiliation in the eyes of one woman that you’ve had bad sex with is the only embarrassment that you’ll suffer from if you are a bad lover, think again. For example, if you’ve slept with a woman who’s working in the same building as yours and you had really bad sex during that one time that you’ve gathered the courage to ask her out.

Word about how bad you are in the sack could leak, until it reaches such a point that you cannot ride the elevator anymore without getting odd glances from women who might have heard about your lack of skill in bed.
This is just one of the worst case scenarios that you can experience if you don’t become proactive enough in bettering your skills as a lover.

3. Be a ‘master lover’ in your own right.

Now, this is the exact opposite of the previous entry. Once your skills in bed are improved, you can become a master lover in your own right. You can make women have orgasm two, three, four or even five times a night! You can make them return the favor because you’re so good at giving her some oral love. You can have sex anytime you want to.

It doesn’t even matter whether you have a below average, average or above average-sized penis. Knowing what turns women on and how to use her multiple erogenous zones at your disposal is the best way to become a better lover than you already are.

A Final Word about Becoming a Better Lover

The possibilities that you can learn about how to be a better lover is practically endless. Kissing, foreplay, oral sex, stimulating her clitoris and G-spot – these are just some areas of your lovemaking skills that you can improve on.

At the end of the day, it’s important to acknowledge that there is always room for improvement when it comes to your lovemaking skills – so bring out those “How to be a Better Lover” guide books, brush up on your techniques and be the best lover that you can be!

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