3 Sex Secrets… From LESBIANS!


A woman on woman relationship is sometimes considered the “holy grail” of fantasies for men. One woman is good, two women is better, right? But all fantasies aside, what can men learn from lesbian sex that they can use in their own sexual relationships? Are there any sex tips that these women want to share with their male counterparts?


Finesse And Sensitivity

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When performing oral sex on a woman, guys tend to get rough and they tend to get fast. They assume that a woman likes it the same way they do – hard and fast. That’s not at all true when it comes to giving a girl oral sex though. Women like it slow, they like it sensual and they certainly don’t like it rough, especially starting out. Women who perform oral sex on other women are better at listening to their partner’s responses and changing their techniques based on how their partners are reacting to their actions, but men are generally very absorbed in what they’re doing that they miss the forest for the trees. Men, start out slow when giving your partner oral sex and pay attention to her responses as you use different maneuvers. Her moans, gasps and body language will tell you if you’re doing something right – or if you’re doing something wrong.

More Than Just Breasts Or A Vagina

Men tend to focus on what sets women apart from themselves during sex – their breasts and their vagina. Men generally enjoy women touching their penis to get them aroused, so they assume that women want the same thing – that they want direct stimulation to their erogenous zones to get them turned on. A woman, however, actually prefers for a person to pay attention to their entire body, not just their breasts or vagina. Since woman on woman sex does not involve penetration, they must find other ways to turn each other on and satisfy each other sexually. Men, pretend for a few minutes to start out with that there is no penetration allowed or it is physically impossible. You must find other ways to turn your partner on, by exploring her entire body.

After Sex Glow

After you have an orgasm, especially if you’ve given your partner one, take the time to cuddle with her and bask in the after sex glow. Show your appreciation for her sexual gift, and let her know how much you truly enjoy making love to her. Confirm that she is sexy and valuable to you, instead of rolling over and going to sleep. Women who have sex with other women are somewhat limited in what they can do with each other physically, so a great deal of their sexual relations depend on emotional intimacy both before and after sex. Men, you can recreate this feeling in your own relationship by simply taking a few minutes after sex to affirm that you are completely and utterly blissed out sexually and that your partner is responsible for it and you are thankful.

What turns women on about lesbian sex is not necessarily about the vaginas, but rather, it is about the fact that another woman will understand what she wants and how she wants it. She is less fearful of communicating her desires with another woman, and this type of sexual union is more about enjoying every moment rather than a means to an end. Turn your partner on like never before by recreating lesbian sex in an emotional way. Don’t try to go for an orgasm right away, and work towards enjoying each moment. Communicate with your partner so she feels open to you, and let her enjoy the after sex glow.

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