3 Sure-Fire Ways To Completely Win Him Over


If you’re worried about FOREVER being stuck in the friend-zone worry no more! Because I’m going to share with you 3 sure-fire ways to completely win him over so he can start treating you like the Princess you are.

Whether you work together, have been friends since childhood, or just met at the bar, I guarantee that if you use these techniques on men they are going to look at you with different eyes. Sexy eyes.

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So let’s get started!

Create Memories Together

While going out for a night of drinking can be fun, it can also be easily forgotten. The kind of memories I’m talking about are more like mini-adventures …spontaneous events that will stick out in his mind for the rest of his life. Something that will make YOU seem unique from all the other women in his life.

How do you do this? Do something crazy, something out of the blue. It could be something insane like going skinny-dipping somewhere forbidden, or something tamer like trying a new exotic restaurant. Be creative! The point is, if he has fun with you and you keep surprising him, he’s going to want to stick around because he won’t know what’s going to happen next. Speed dial here you come!

Be Mysterious

Guys love a challenge. And there’s no harder or more exciting challenge than when a women is mysterious.

Now I’m not saying you need to go all Batman / Bruce Wayne on him, but what I am saying is that women who are predictable just aren’t as exciting for most men to be around. If you do the same thing as every other woman, he’s going to treat you like every other woman.

The secret is to keep him from predicting your behavior. If you always keep him guessing he’s going to be all the more curious as to what you’re thinking about, and he’s going to try and spend all of his time figuring you out!

Make Him Feel Like A Man

Whether it’s mentally or physically men love to feel strong and powerful. It’s been ingrained into our DNA since the dawn of time. And there’s no better way for you to fuel that fire than to make him feel like your life is so much easier or safer when he’s around.

You see, men like to feel needed. They fantasize about rescuing a damsel in distress, and you can do it on a smaller scale. Don’t get me wrong, an independent woman is very sexy, but a guy likes to feel useful in the relationship. There’s a sense of pride a man gets when he does something a woman cannot. It might be reaching for something too high or simply opening a jar that’s too tight, but if you give men the impression that life is easier when he’s around, he’ll want to always be around.

And even if you could kick his ass PRETEND you feel safer when he’s around. This will boost his confidence which will satisfy the protector role he’s destined to fill. Stroking his ego by making him feel manly will make him feel a natural chemistry between you, so try it out!

Win Him Over

The whole point to a great relationship is being able to have fun together. In fact it’s being able to have MORE fun together than you have with anyone else. So if you aren’t creating scenarios for you and him to have fun together, there will be no chemistry for you and him to fall back on.

The best part about doing fun things and creating memories together is that they stick with him when you aren’t around. So not only will this make him smile and enjoy your times together, he’s going to be thinking about you constantly. Then EVERY time he’s sees you he’s going to feel more and more strongly about you.

Plus if you keep him guessing by doing things he doesn’t suspect his imagination is going to go WILD! A thing to remember about being mysterious around men is, don’t overdue it. Being vague to let his thoughts run wild is one thing, but teasing him and not answering any of his questions can be annoying. Offering unique questions and answers when you’re together WILL keep him interested.

When you combine dynamic questions with enthusiasm for his achievements you’re really going to stand out from every other woman he’s been around. Guys like to impress, so make him feel impressive. Just don’t act too impressed or he’ll want to show off to everyone else as well!

That’s it for today. Now go start practicing these techniques and having some fun!

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