3 Ways To Get To Third Base


You probably think that your penis is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to women. That’s plain not true. In fact, one of the best tools for sexual stimulation is right in your hands…or, on your hands I should say. That’s right, your fingers. Digital stimulation is one of the most effective ways to send a woman into blissful orgasms. Here’s a few sex tips to get you to third base.

The Importance Of Foreplay

I know that you think fingering her is foreplay, but this is why you keep missing the train to O-town. Women’s physical arousal is very different from a man’s. For men it’s easy: show some cleavage, he’s up. Touch his dong, he ejaculates. A woman needs a more complete process to be turned on, and if you touch her privates before you’ve warmed her up, it is irritating at best.

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Fortunately, if she likes you well enough to even consider letting you touch her in her swimsuit place, that’s half the battle. The rest of it involves attention: kissing, fondling, stroking. Whatever it is that helps to build a connection between the two of you is valuable. Soul bearing honesty is unnecessary, just show that you are in the moment with her. She may have no intention on calling you the next day, but if all you do is absent-mindedly stick your penis in her, she’ll mock you to her friends.

Tease Her

Once you have spent some time with the rest of the body, you can move between the legs. Again, one of the best sex tips is to have patience. She may be slightly aroused, but if you go in now you’ll be at it so long your fingers will cramp, and you’ll get bored. If she sees that you’re bored, she’ll never cum. Instead, feel around the lady bits. Cup them with your hand.

Massage her labia gently and slowly, but then move to her inner thighs for a bit. If you rub the fleshy part of the upper inner thigh, you will run into the pudendal nerves, which are the carriers of stimulation to and from the clitoris.

Get Ready For The Orgasm

Now she is ready for you to finish her off. The next source is her vagina. You can slide one or more fingers into the vagina to give them some glide, but do not think that you are going to make her cum that way (unless you’re a g-spot expert, but if everything here is new info, you’re probably not.) If she’s not wet enough yet, make sure you use some lube. Using lube is probably one of the most important sex tips you can take to heart – without it, your movements will be uncomfortable or painful for her.

Apply light, rhythmic strokes to the head of the clitoris. Whether, it’s counterclockwise, clockwise, up and down, or what, just make sure you keep a consistent rhythm to the strokes. You can pull away every now and again if she is not near orgasm. If she is about to cum, you better stay in that exact spot until you finish her off, as she will stop having an orgasm the second you stop touching her. Then, you are going to have one angry lady on your hands.

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