4 Ways To Make Sex Better With Her


Even bringing up the fact that your girl needs to be better at sex can begin a downward spiral in every relationship. Whether your girl is terrible at giving blow jobs, kissing or she simply can’t get the rhythms right while on top, telling her outright that she needs to work on her sexual repertoire is probably not the best approach. Many guys go through long-term relationships without ever bringing up the fact that their girlfriends or wives are awful at sex. This can lead to resentment and in extreme cases, cheating. So, if your girlfriend or wife is not that great in bed, there are a few things that you can do.

Here are some suggestions to help your girl to be better at sex.

Bring Porn Into The Bedroom

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Whether you want to admit it or not, porn is one of the best teachers for sex. It doesn’t matter if you watch lesbian, straight or crazy BDSM porn, you can learn something from every film you watch. If your girl is against porn then you might want to move onto a different method, but this is excellent for showing her how to really have sex.

Porn is a great inspiration because it shows everybody different positions and different situation –such as role-playing to use in their own sex lives. If you have a girlfriend or wife that is not against porn, find out what kind of porn she likes. It’s going to be easier to get her to pay attention to the video when it’s the kind of porn that turns her on.

Tell Her What You Like

If your girl is not that great at sex, consider telling her what you like. It might not be that she is actually bad at sex, but that she is under that impression that you like something more than you actually do. For instance, she might think that your favorite sex position is doggy style while you actually like girl on top more. So many couples have gone years without knowing what their partners like. Remember that communication is the number one tool to having a healthy relationship and this extends to the bedroom also. Don’t waste anymore time than you have to with communication. Talk to her open and honestly about what you like and you will find that your sex life is going to improve immensely.

Use Positive Reinforcement During Sex

If it worked for Pavlov then it’s going to work for you too. No woman wants to be bad at sex and no woman is actively trying to have bad sex with her partner. She wants to be good at sex. She wants to be the best you have ever had just like you want to be the best that she has ever had. Use positive reinforcement to make her feel good when she is doing something that you like.

Telling a girl “You look so hot right now” is going to make her want to continue. Telling a girl “You’re doing it all wrong” is not going to do anything. Be positive with your partner and she’s going to want the praise. Every woman craves being praised by her partner and you can turn your stale sex life into magic with just a few key phrases during sex. Don’t expect her to become some sort of porn start right of the bat. This is going to take some time, but it definitely works.

Focus On Other Aspects Of The Relationship

Sex is only one aspect of a relationship. Working on the foundation of the relationship can be one of the biggest triggers to a better sex life. Men think like men. We ask, “why doesn’t she have the sex drive that I do” or “why doesn’t she want to experiment the way that I do?” Women aren’t obsessed with sex the way that men are and women do not define the relationship based on how great the sex is the way that men do.

If you want your girlfriend or wife to be better at sex, you have to work on the relationship in other ways.  Women value emotional aspects of the relationship much more than the physical aspects. Do something nice for her without being asked. Take her out for dinner on a random night. Work on the relationship from the outside in and you will find that she is much more responsive to your physical needs.

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