5 Easy Tantric Sex Moves To Try Tonight!


Tantric sex is a great way to connect emotionally and sexually to your partner. Instead of focusing on techniques to get to orgasm faster, Tantra focuses on the emotional and physical intimacy you share with someone during sex. It also teaches you to focus more on each individual sensation during sex rather than thinking of them as a means to an end. Here are five easy things to do now to have amazing orgasms with your lover.

Sanctify Your Space

If you read the morning newspaper in your bed, or you work from home in bed, eat in bed or do anything else besides sleep and have sex in your bed, then you need to start by sanctifying your space. You’re never going to feel sexual or connected to your partner in the same space that you change diapers in! Start making your bedroom a sex and sleeping only place, so when you walk into the room, you are already starting to get psychologically prepared for sex. You can also splurge on some new silky sheets and a few aromatherapy candles. Anything that you can do to appeal to your senses and get them involved will help you experience sex in a new way.

Dance With Your Partner

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Remember that scene in the second Matrix movie where the entire city of Zion did a sweaty, tribal dance together to the sound of deep, resonating drum beats? There’s a reason that scene was so erotic. Bring that sense of eroticism and energy to the bedroom by scouring the Internet for some sexy tribal music and putting it on your iPod. You can also use anything with a slow, sexy beat to it as long as it makes you want to grind and dance with your lover. Turn the lights down low (you can use candles to enhance the mood) and turn music up loud. Let the beat flow through your body as you dance with your partner. You’ll begin to relax and find that your body is more open and sensitive to pleasure, as well as your to your lover. Let the dancing bring out your sensual, animalistic nature!

Practice Breathing Together

Breathing is an essential part of sex. It allows more oxygen into your body which enables blood to flow to and stimulate your genitals. Practice breathing in and out together with your partner before sex or during foreplay. For example, when you’re kissing your partner or cuddling with them before sex, synchronize your intake and outtake of breath with theirs. As you begin breathing together, you’re also going to do other things together, such as experience waves of pleasure and orgasm simultaneously. While you may not experience a simultaneous orgasm with your lover right away during Tantric sex, practicing breathing together and feeling each other will bring you that much closer.

Use The Sitting Up Sex Position

There are a variety of sex positions that you can use during Tantric sex, but the most popular one is the sitting position, where the woman sits on the man’s lap and inserts his penis into her vagina that way. This position allows for very little movement, but that is actually the point here! You’re not going to be able to do much more than rock back and forth on each other – sliding in and out just isn’t going to happen in this position. However, when you slowly rock and grind against each other, your pleasure will continue to build until the point where you think you can’t take it anymore. Stop, kiss your partner deeply and allow yourself to come down some from the brink of orgasm. Then, take your time building your pleasure up again. Combine this with simultaneous breathing and staring deep into your lover’s eyes and you’ll begin to experience pleasure in a whole new way.

Don’t Rush It

Again, the point of Tantric sex is not to rush into orgasm. This is going to be a long, drawn out process (and that is not a bad thing at all) so you want to make a point to do it when you have a good, solid chunk of time where you’re not going to be interrupted. Whether you start with oral sex and then move into breathing and rocking or a combination of several different maneuvers, you don’t want to rush a single minute of it. Focus on each individual wave of pleasure and encourage your partner to do the same. After some practice, you and your partner may even be able to feel each other’s pleasure and it will begin to heighten your own pleasure!

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