5 Hot Spots That Will Drive Her INSANE During Sex!


Sex isn’t all about you – in fact, you should make it all about her! Give her an incredible orgasm by touching one of these five super hot spots.

Besides the now-famous G-Spot, there are a few other spots in the very sensitive genital area that have a tendency to produce especially powerful orgasms. You don’t have to go searching blindly for these special spots. Here’s a general guide to get you started.

1. The A-Spot

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Three to four inches into the vagina, on the front wall of the canal and near to the cervix, there is a large, bell-shaped, rough patch connected to the extended clitoris and the female ejaculatory system. Stimulating this area during sex is a great way to induce more lubrication in as little as five to ten seconds and to reach orgasm in only one or two minutes. Don’t ignore this one just because you’ve found the G-Spot.

2. G-Spot

Fingering is definitely the best way to hit this well-know spot and produce orgasms that gush instead of sex. Just a quarter inch or so long, on the front of the vagina, just an inch Besides the now-famous G-Spot, there are a few other spots in the very sensitive genital area that have a tendency to produce especially powerful orgasms. Place a finger or two inside the vaginal opening, there is a rough patch similar in texture to the A-Spot, which lies further in.

Using what is often referred to as a “come hither” motion,you can coax an orgasm, perhaps even ejaculation, from this stimulation. It rubs  the ejaculate-producing Skenes gland near the urethra.

3. U-Spot

Between the vaginal opening and the clitoris there is a tiny bundle of erectile tissues, surrounding the urethra, for which the U-Spot is named. She may find this spot a bit uncomfortable if you start with it, but if you are stimulating the G-Spot, a little added attention to this little area during sex might just give her what she needs to go over the edge and ejaculate!

4 & 5. X & Y-Spot

In a recent article, Kinsey Institute researcher and Men’s Health columnist Debby Herbenick, Ph. D. explained, “The most recent anatomical research suggests that the clitoris is perhaps better described as the ‘clitoral complex,’ where the vagina, urethra, and clitoris all function as a unit rather than as individual parts.”

The X-Spot and the Y-Spot are located on the left and right side at about 2 and 4 o’clock in the vagina, at about the same depth as her G-Spot. The Taoists describe this as a ring of pleasure that should be stimulated fully with shallow thrusting that curves to meet the vaginal wall, all the way around, for the best results reaching a multi-orgasmic ejaculation.

Using one or two fingers and a bit of lubrication, you can gently explore the entire surface of the vaginal canal, the major part of the clitoral complex, and find the spots that stimulate her pleasure centers in new and interesting ways!

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