5 Sex Mistakes Men Make In Bed – And How To Avoid Them


Most guys make sex mistakes in bed, blundering about the bedroom instead of knowing what they’re doing. The most common challenges they face when doing it with their partners is not technique or how to’s, but their own assumptions and misconceptions about making love from a woman’s point of view. Start putting yourself in her shoes and you’ll quit making rookie errors and start rocking her world and giving her an earth shattering orgasm. Here are the top five sex mistakes that a man will make in bed and how you can avoid them!

Assuming What Worked For One Woman Will Work For Another

Guys are notorious for thinking that if they did a great job pleasuring one woman – let’s say with oral sex – that the same exact techniques will work on another woman. They often will believe that because the first woman had an amazing, mind blowing orgasm, that he suddenly decoded how women work and can give every woman an orgasm if he simply just repeats what he did the first time on any other woman he ends up doing it with. This is one of the most common but jeapordizing sex mistakes a man can make! The reality is that no two women like the exact same things and discovering what a new lover likes is part of the beauty of having a new sexual relationship. Instead of assuming you know exactly what a woman wants or needs based on what you’ve done before with other women, wipe the proverbial slate clean in between each partner and get to know what they like and dislike through good old fashioned trial and error.

You Think You Offer Everything She Needs

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Many women can’t reach orgasm without the aid of a vibrator or other sex toys. A lot of men share the misconception that if a woman needs a vibrator to reach climax that there’s something “wrong” with her. A lot of guys go into a sexual relationship believing that everything his new partner needs is underneath his belt buckle, but that assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth and is one of the more common sex mistakes that men can make. If your partner needs a vibrator to have an orgasm, think of the vibrator as a sort of “partner in crime” to assist you in making your partner scream your name while in the throes of pleasure.

You Forget The Lube

Unfortunately, one of the biggest sex mistakes that guys make is forgetting to bring – or use – a good, water based lube. A lot of guys think that if he just gets her turned on enough that she’ll get wet – and of course, the wetter she gets, the more he turned her on, right? Not exactly. A woman could be very turned on and not have very much vaginal lubrication at all, or vice versa. If she’s not slick enough, penetration is going to be extremely uncomfortable or even painful for her, and she definitely won’t enjoy it or have any chance at reaching orgasm. Avoid this rookie error and insist on using lube.

Underestimating The Power Of The Clitoris

A man’s anatomy and how he uses it for sex is simple, and therefore, he assumes a woman’s anatomy must respond the same way his does. It feels good to him when he puts his penis in her vagina, so it must feel good to her to have his penis in her vagina. The harder he thrusts, the closer he gets to orgasm, so the same must be true for her. This of course, is pretty much the opposite of how a woman’s anatomy really works and one of the more common but frustrating sex mistakes for women to have to deal with. Many women can’t climax at all from vaginal penetration alone and the quickest way to bring a woman to orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris. Doing this in addition to penetration will give her much more pleasure than just penetration alone.

Not Making Any Noise

Whether he’s embarrassed or just thinks that silence in the sack is better, one of the most common sex mistakes that a man can make is not making any noise when he hits the sheets. If she’s giving you an amazing blowjob, she wants to hear how great you think it is – even if all you can manage is a few moans here and there. If you’re quiet, she may assume she’s doing something wrong and start trying to do something else – which can be completely frustrating for you if she was on the right track to pleasing you in the first place. Instead of being quiet, allow your inner animal to escape and don’t worry about how you sound. Your girl will get off on the fact that you can’t hold your pleasure in!

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