5 Sex Secrets He’d Die From If You Found Out


Sex secrets are the cream de la cream of secrets in a relationship. There are a lot of guys that are into some very out of the norm stuff and if you ever found out, they just might kill over from it. The thing about male sex secrets is that they aren’t as obscure as you might think. Many straight men are turned on by things that are traditionally considered a little effeminate. So if you want to know some sex secrets that are extremely common with straight men, here is a short list.

Sex Secret #1: He’s A Cuckold

A cuckold is a special breed of man. Cuckolding is essentially when a man is in a relationship with a woman and gets turned on by another guy having sex with her. This usually happens in front of the boyfriend or husband. Cuckolding is very popular in the swinger community, but it’s also something that he will probably never admit to. Guys that don’t have the nerve to tell their wives or girlfriends about this fantasy usually masturbate to the thought of it. If you believe that your guy is a cuckold and you’re okay with it, you might want to approach him with this thought. What seemed to be his unbearable sex secret could turn out to be something that you both enjoy.

Sex Secret #2: Cross-Dressing

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Cross-dressing is another sex secret that is very common among men. This is more of a fetish that he doesn’t want you to know about. Every straight man likes to see their wives or girlfriends in lingerie, but the cross-dresser secretly wants to engage in the lingerie himself. If you ever find that your panties, bra or other clothing is not where you left it, you might need to have a chat with your guy. While cross-dressing is not something that is completely out of the ordinary, it can put a strain on the relationship. Some women really like that their man puts on their clothes whereas others get very weirded out by it. Talking to your guy about his secret fantasies can alleviate any embarrassment associated with cross-dressing.

Sex Secret #3: Domination

Domination is a very common sex secret that men have. Whether it’s that he wants to dominate you or he wants you to dominate him, having this fantasy can be extremely hot or extremely lackluster unless you know what you’re doing. If you think that your guy really likes dominating you, make it clear that you think it’s hot too. If you think that he gets turned on more by you dominating him, make an effort to help him fulfill his fantasy. Be a little rougher with him during sex. Order him around. Make him tell you how sexy you are. Whatever he needs to get turned on. Having communication is essential for a relationship and it’s hard to make him completely happy if you’re not up front about wanting to know what he likes in bed.

Sex Secret #4: Prostate Massages

The male prostate is said to be the equivalent of the female g-spot. However, there is a perception that a man having something put up his butt is gay. The fact of the matter is that prostate massages are getting very popular with men. If your man lets off a shriek of delight when you start to go near his anus he might have a secret fantasy of getting a prostate massage. If this is something that you would be interested in doing, you might want to ask him about it. Guys are very open to doing things that are a little questionable with women they feel comfortable with. And you might just be the one that he opens up to about his secret sex fantasy.

Sex Secret #5: He Wants To Do It In Public

Exhibitionism is another very common sex fantasy among men. The fact that he secretly wants to take you in public shows that he’s not ashamed of your body or his own. If he has been beating around the bush about taking you in public, consider this a compliment. There is a certain element of danger associated with having sex in public and this is something that he thrives on. Having sex in a public place can be very hot and very spontaneous, but you need to be comfortable with it. Some men do not have the confidence to fulfill this fantasy so they will need an extra push in the right direction. If you feel comfortable enough to do this for him, you might just have a lifelong relationship on your hands.

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