5 Tricks To Keep Married Sex Hot – REVEALED!


Sex tips aren’t just for newbies – even couples who have been having sex together for years can use a handful of sex tips to keep the temperature in the bedroom from plummeting. Here are five suggestions that will keep sex with your spouse as great as it was in the beginning!

Lavish Your Partner With Oral Sex

When you and your lover first got together, oral sex was most likely on the menu more often than it wasn’t – this is probably due in part to the fact that you most likely engaged in oral sex before you actually did the dirty, and also because it was new. As you and your spouse have aged and have gotten more comfortable with each other, you likely don’t shave every day or make sure your nether regions are groomed and presentable for oral sex. Therefore, going down on each other has probably taken a bit of a backseat in your marriage.

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Bring that back by lavishing your partner with oral sex. Take a shower with your partner first, and make shaving or washing part of foreplay. Getting your spouse fresh, clean and smelling good for cunnilingus or fellatio is a turn on for both you and your lover! Once they’re ready, sit them down and pitch your tent between their legs – yeah, you’re going to be camping out there for awhile. This is what is meant by lavish – lick every single nook and cranny, slowly as though you never want it to end. Be enthusiastic and never give your partner the idea that you’d rather be doing something else. It’s likely they’ll return the favor – and it will be mind blowing!

Go Super Slow (Make Sure The Kids Are In Bed)

Make sure the kids are in bed – or call a babysitter and head to a hotel for a night of long, drawn out sex. Married couples are often overwhelmed with daily life such as work, kids, bills and other day to day stresses that they’re lucky if they get to squeeze in a quickie here and there. If you want to heat your sex life back up though, you’re going to need to make time to enjoy your partner sexually.

On your night “off” so to speak, plan for a romantic evening with dinner, dessert, candles, romance – the whole nine yards. Once you get to foreplay and sex, don’t speed it up – keep going slow and don’t be in a rush to get to the finish line. Enjoy each and every moment like it was “new” – just like when you and your spouse were first together. So what if you’re not checking your phone for a few hours? It’s totally worth it.

Try New Sex Toys

This doesn’t necessarily mean introduce more vibrators or dildos into your sex life – because you probably have already had your fair share of those. You’ve done vaginal penetration, you’ve vibrated the clitoris – it’s time to find something really, really new to do! If you’ve never tried anal sex, buy a teeny-tiny butt plug or anal vibrator that allows you to experiment with anal sensations without committing to full on anal sex. Never tried bondage before? Grab an Under The Bed Restraint that slips under your bed (and is easily hidden when not in use). Let go of your inhibitions and explore things that turn you on that you’ve never tried before.

Try All Natural Sexual Enhancers

There are plenty of libido enhancers on the market and a lot of them don’t work worth a damn. However, there are some great products out there that will definitely heighten the sensations experienced during sex – and we’re not talking Viagra here. Sensitivity gels and creams work well, as do tingling and sensation intensifying lubes. One of the better sexual enhancers on the market these days are Penthouse Performance & Pleasure Shots – one for guys and one for gals. Like a little energy drink, you chug it and in about thirty minutes, everything feels amazing!

Find A New Sex Position Or Two

One mistake that married couples often make when trying to spice up their sex life is bringing in tons of new sex positions – and it’s difficult to get really good at one or two if you’re just trying as many as you can. Instead, pick one or two new sex positions that give you and your partner new sensations and work on mastering them. After a few tries, the sex position will still be “new” enough to bring the heat, but you’ll have practiced it enough to know exactly what to do to make it feel incredible.

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