5 Ways To Make Beach Sex Incredible!


Beach sex is common during the summertime, and it can be a totally amazing experience. It can also be the pits – so here’s how to make it absolutely fantastic.

Put Down A Blanket (Or Utilize The Doggy Style Position)

The biggest caveat when it comes to beach sex is one thing and one thing only – sand! Getting sand in all the wrong places can really cramp your style and can actually make it impossible to get it on with your lover. If even a few grains of sand get on a man’s penis and up into a woman’s vagina, it can be excruciating to have intercourse. It can also be dangerous – the sand can cut the inside of the vaginal walls and provide a perfect climate for infections to set in.

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The best way to prevent sand from getting into your nether regions during beach sex is to simply bring a blanket and put it down before you get busy. Yeah, yeah, it’s not as “au naturel” as feeling the sand beneath your feet, but without a blanket, you’re going to be feeling the sand in many more places than just your feet. If you can’t bring a blanket or forget one, doggy style is your next best bet. Doggy style keeps the important parts away from the sand.

Find A Private Spot

While there are lots of voyeurs out there that wouldn’t mind you getting busy right on the sand, you may want to find a private spot to have beach sex with your lover instead. There are lots of private areas around, such as behind large rock formations or a grove of palm trees. Some places also have secluded lagoon areas, which can be super romantic, especially at dusk.

If you neglect to find a private area to get it on with your partner, you will most definitely get caught, even if you’re somewhere that doesn’t object to nudity. Places that allow nudity don’t object to complete nakedness obviously, but they do object to beach sex! Also, there are often lots of children out and about, even if you go at a time when you think all the kiddies are in bed. Avoid areas with children at all costs, unless you want lots of angry parents reporting you to the police.

Bring Lube

Contrary to popular belief, water is not lube. Neither is saliva – which you’re probably going to have to use if you don’t bring a bottle of your favorite lube with you. If you think you’ll produce enough of your own natural lubrication, think again. The sand is hot and dry, and chances are you’re going to wish you had a dab or two once you get going.

If you’re having beach sex outside the water on the sand, a good water based lubricant will work well. However, if you’re actually planning on getting in the water or doing it in the surf, a water based lube may be too thin for you. In that case, a silicone lube will work better. It’s a little thicker and a little more water resistant than water based lube, so it takes a little extra work to get off. This will work to your advantage, however, because you don’t want all your lube to rinse off into the ocean! Keep your stuff nearby so you can reapply your lube when needed.

Get Busy In The Surf

If you’re totally alone where you are and don’t expect anyone busting you, try having sex in the surf! There are tons of benefits to doing it right at the edge of the water:

  • The sand there is smooth and wet, so it’s less likely to get in your nooks and crannies.
  • The waves crashing against you feel incredible against your skin
  • It’s incredibly romantic and sensual

Plan To Do It At Sunset

Sure, having beach sex at sunset seems cliche, but there’s a reason for it – it’s probably one of the most romantic ways you can get busy! It’s a breathtaking way to get in touch with nature and with yourselves. You’re surrounded by water and sand, the views are great and you’re enjoying everything with your partner.

When you’re having beach sex at sunset, take it slow. This is not the time for a quickie (unless you’re about to get caught) – instead, take the time to really savor your partner and savor your surroundings. Taking it all in and enjoying it will make the experience absolutely unforgettable for both you and your lover.

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