5 Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life – Are You Guilty?


Both women and men are guilty of unknowingly sabotaging their sex lives. When you first get together with someone, you’re so smitten that you’re watching your every move, careful that you’re presenting the very best side of yourself. As time goes on and you get more and more comfortable with your partner, it’s not at all uncommon for couples to slack off on what made them so sexy at first. Here are some bedroom mistakes that you could be making – and simply cleaning up your bad habits can improve your sex life ten fold!

Going To The Bathroom In Front Of Your Partner

Most couples who have been together for awhile have no problem peeing – or going #2 or even changing their tampon – in front of their partner. Sure, this is great step towards complete intimacy with your partner, but not the sexual kind. It may be quicker to just drop your drawers in the morning while your partner is shaving or brushing their teeth, but it’s not going to make you look very sexy at all in front of your partner. Of course your partner isn’t going to say anything – after all, it is natural – but later on when they’re thinking of how great you look undressed, the image of you on the pot might come creeping in and quash all notions of sexiness right then and there. Next time, wait until your partner is done using the restroom or ask them to wait until you’re finished.

Talking About Your Other Lovers

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If you’ve been with your partner for awhile, it may be nothing to mention an old lover in the midst of conversation. “Oh, Jim and I went to this restaurant once when we were dating. I’ve heard the food is good.” It may seem completely benign, especially if you have a solid, trusting relationship with your partner, but your partner is most likely going to be thinking about your dinner with Jim while you’re having dinner with him – and he’ll probably worry about what you guys did after dinner too. Your man isn’t silly enough to think that you’ve never had a sexual partner before him, but he prefers to ignore it so he can focus on how great the sex between the two of you is.

Wearing Unflattering Pajamas

Your flannel pajamas are uber comfy and all you want to do is throw them on before you hit the hay after a long day of work or taking care of the kids. However, if all your partner sees you in is your flannel jammies, you may be doing yourself a disservice. He likes your bod and he wants to see it – at least some of it – and not just you buried in yards of flannel. Wear your comfortable pajamas some of the time, but don’t let your partner forget how great you look in a silky camisole and panties set.

Holding Out On Him To Get What You Want

Some women – ok, many women – will often use sex as a bribe or even withhold sex as a punishment to get their man to do what they want. You want him to take out the trash and do the dishes? You offer him a blowjob to entice him. He really screwed up and majorly dissed you – so no sex for a week. If the only way your partner gets sex is either for performing tasks for you or being a “good boy,” he’s going to get real tired of it real quick. Sex is about the two of you getting to enjoy each other and giving each other great orgasms – it’s not a bartering tool.

Faking Your Orgasms

If you fake an orgasm, your only making your sex life worse for yourself. You may think that because he’s tried giving you an orgasm for forty minutes that you’re doing him a favor by faking it and letting him get on with doing what he wants to do, he’s never going to learn how to please you the right way if he thinks his current techniques are sufficient in giving you the big “O.” So if you want your partner to keep doing things the way you don’t like them (instead of learning how to please you and give you a real orgasm) then by all means continue faking it. But if you do, your partner really is the only one getting anything out of it and he may catch on after a while too, no matter how good you think you are at it!

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