6 Amazing Sex Tips From REAL Women!


The best sex tips come from women themselves – because they KNOW what they like! You can get some good suggestions from guys on how to please girls, but it just isn’t the same as hearing it from a girl. Check out these foolproof sex tips to bring her to orgasm over and over!

Give Oral Sex Or Finger Her In A Pattern

There’s a reason that those vibrators that have multiple settings – and do different things in a pattern over and over – are so popular among the ladies. Women enjoy lots of different sensations, but not necessarily in a random order. The best way to coax a woman to an orgasm is to touch her softly and then progress to a more firm touch, then backing down to a softer touch after several seconds.

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You can use this technique during oral sex if you want to give her a climax she’ll never, ever forget. Switch between flicking her clitoris lightly to firm, broad licking from the bottom up. The key here is to be persistent and avoid any temptation to change it up and do something different unless she’s giving you cues or telling you to do so. A huge complaint about men is that they change up what they’re doing at exactly the wrong moment! If she seems to be enjoying what you’re doing, don’t change a thing!

Advanced Technique

Do a pattern of three and alternate between flicking her clitoris with your tongue, sucking on it for a few seconds and then licking her with a flat tongue from the bottom of her vagina to the top of her clitoris. This move will have her clawing at the sheets!

Finger Her G-Spot While You Give Oral Sex

Another thing that really gets a woman off is multiple sensations on different areas of her body all at the same time. This is why so many women love the idea of having sex with two guys at once – the feeling of double penetration and experiencing both sensations at the same time is really powerful for a woman.

Give her intense sensations during oral sex by fingering her g-spot while you lick and suck her clitoris. If you can manage to rub and lightly pinch her nipples while you’re doing this, you’ll really drive her wild!

Advanced Technique

Combine fingering your lover’s g-spot with oral sex using the pattern technique. Be prepared for a sheet soaking, squirting orgasm!

Grind Your Pelvis Against The Clitoris

A common misconception that guys have about sex with a woman is that they think simply sliding in and out of a woman’s vagina is all they need to do to make it feel incredible for them. It’s what feels good for a guy, so it has to feel good for the girl too, right? Wrong! This couldn’t be further from the truth! Aside from possibly stimulating the g-spot, this isn’t going to stimulate a girl AT ALL.

Instead, while having sex with your girl when you’re on top, move your hips in a circular motion and grind your pelvis against the clitoris. This move will also help you feel bigger inside her because you’re putting friction on all sides of her vagina.

Advanced Technique

Take a lubed up finger and rub her clitoris instead. Make sure your finger is lubed, because it’s not going to feel good at all if you do it when your finger is dry!

Don’t Forget About The Nipples

A lot of guys forget about a woman’s nipples as soon as he heads down south. However, stimulating her nipples while you’re going down on your girl or having sex will make your partner feel incredible. This goes back to the fact that women enjoy feeling different sensations on different parts of her body all at the same time.

You can use all different kinds of techniques here, from light rubbing to firm pinching depending on what your lover enjoys. You’ll want to increase pressure as she gets closer and closer to orgasm, but don’t change what you’re doing when she gets close.

Advanced Technique

If you’re giving your lover oral sex and fingering her g-spot, you may not be able to hold yourself up and pinch her nipples at the same time. If you have trouble doing this, try a set of vibrating nipple clamps to give her intense pleasure all over her body.

Touch Her Backdoor

Many women shy away from anal sex, and they may even get upset if a man tries to stick anything in her anus without her permission (and rightly so!) However, that doesn’t mean that these women don’t enjoy anal stimulation at all. There are tons of nerve endings around the anus and you can give a girl intense pleasure simply by laying your finger or rubbing lightly around her anal opening.

Advanced Technique

Do this while you’re giving her oral sex. If she seems to dig it, let your tongue slip down there for a few seconds too.

Talk Dirty During Orgasm

Dirty talk can intensify a woman’s orgasm ten fold if used in the right way at the right time. You may have even noticed that a lot of girls will start talking dirty when they get really, really turned on and get closer to orgasm. Surprisingly, some really nasty things can come out of their mouths that you wouldn’t have imagined would!

Join in with her and start talking dirty when she gets closer to reaching climax. Tell her how hot she is, and feel free to get as graphic as you want. Make her feel like she’s the hottest, best lover on the planet and she’ll be putty in your hands in no time.

Advanced Technique

Describe to her exactly what you want to do, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it explicitly. Make her feel like she’s the only one who could give you an incredible orgasm will make her feel incredible and make her orgasm that much intense.

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