6 Hot New Sex Tips To Try Tonight!


Sex tips are a great way to keep your sex life inspired. Whether you’re getting tired of the same old missionary style, or you’re looking to expand your already amazing sex life, sex tips can take you over the hump. If you and your partner are looking for a way to increase the amount of pleasure and intimacy in your relationship, these sex tips can easily help you out. Here are 5 hot new sex tips to try tonight.

1. Roleplay With Your Partner

Role play isn’t for everybody. There are of men and women that get embarrassed over putting on a costume or having to improv sexy talk. If you and your partner are comfortable with it, role playing can be a great way to put some new kink into your sex life. Some of the most common forms of roleplay involve one partner being dominant and the other being submissive.

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Before you start to role play, you should always determine who is going to be dominant and who is going to be submissive. If you want to switch it up in the middle of the role playing then this is fine too. The key is to find a healthy balance so the both of you are satisfied in the end.

2. Set Up Barriers

This is something that is commonly found in the pick up artist community, but it works well with couples also. Barriers are basically used to increase sexual tension. Pick up artists use this to increase sexual tension in an environment that cannot be used for sex. For instance, talking dirty to a girl in a restaurant or getting a her turned on in a nightclub.

You can’t have sex in a nightclub or in a restaurant, so the girl feels safe and more likely to respond in a positive manner. Go out to dinner with your partner and use the barriers to your advantage. Get the sexual tension so high that you can’t wait to get home.

3. Switch Up The Dominance

There are a lot of guys and girls that love to be either dominant or submissive in the bedroom. One of the best ways that you can get out of your comfort zone and experience something different is to switch up the dominance. Instead of always having your boyfriend or girlfriend being the dominant one, take control.

If you’re the one who always takes control, be submissive. In the middle of sex, switch roles so that you are either dominant or submissive. This will not only increase the sexual tension and create a really fun environment for experimentation, it can also expose you to new and creative ways of taking or letting go of control.

4. Use Sex Toys

There are too many couples who rely on their bodies for sexual pleasure. If you haven’t tried sex toys yet, do it. Take a trip to the adult store together and pick out a small vibrator or dildo for your girlfriend. You also might want to try out a cock ring or a vibrating condom. Sex toys are there to enhance your sex life, not replace it.

So many couples think that sex toys are a form of “cheating” or “copping out.” Just because you have a really intense orgasm with a vibrator doesn’t mean that your guy isn’t a good lover. Try out some sex toys to get things rolling or to take your orgasms to the next level.

5. Remove Anxieties

With kids, work, housework or whatever else you have in your life, the last thing that you or your partner wants to do is have sex. Sex is about having fun and it can be an escape from life, however, there are things that your sexual urges can’t overcome. Remove the anxieties from life so you can focus on your sex life. Try to help your partner out on a daily basis so you both have less stress and anxiety in your lives. This will go a long way with your sex life.

6. Double Down On Foreplay

Foreplay is essential for having great sex. While this is not secret, so many men and women tend to forget it when they are in a long-term relationship. It’s way to easy to get to the big show immediately. Take the time that you normally spend on foreplay and double it. If you normally spend about 5 minutes on foreplay, extend it to 10 minutes.

Mix up what you normally do so your partner is surprised. Going from kissing to oral sex is a staple. Mix it up so you are kissing and then giving oral sex and then back to kissing or just fingering. This will make a big difference in the way that your partner gets turned on.

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