6 Lingerie Items He REALLY Wants To See You Wear


Lingerie isn’t for girls – it’s for guys. Men enjoy seeing women in lingerie, no matter what size or shape she is. Instead of picking out lingerie YOU like, get what YOUR MAN likes. Here are six lingerie items that top almost every man’s fantasy list, so you can wow him with a surprise underneath your clothes next time you and your partner get frisky.

A Garter Belt

A garter belt is a piece of lingerie (the fabric is usually lace or satin but can be other materials such as leather) that slips over the hips. On each leg, there are two clips that hold up a pair of thigh high pantyhose. A garter belt doesn’t function as panties – it is only worn to hold up thigh high stockings. They can be adorned with ribbons, lace, bells, leather, fringe and more for added erotic appeal. This is a much sexier way to do pantyhose!

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The reason that men find garter belts so sexy is because they just look sexy. You can turn a normal bra and panty set into a titillating outfit by just throwing on a matching garter belt and a set of thigh highs. Garter belts can also be worn under a woman’s clothes during the day, such as with a pair of slacks or a dress. This gives her man a super sexy surprise when she gets home and lets him see what is underneath! Garter belts are also a lot of fun to use during sex. Your guy will like feeling the straps on your hips and legs as his body thrusts into you!

Crotchless Panties (Or No Panties)

Crotchless panties qualify as lingerie, but are pretty much pointless to have if you’re trying to use them as functional underwear. That’s why men enjoy them so much – they know if you’re wearing them, you’re already thinking about sex and want them to have easy access to your genitals. Oral sex over a pair of crotchless panties is incredibly hot (for you and him) and can be a super hot surprise for him at the dinner table or in the movie theater.

You can also go commando and forgo wearing panties or lingerie all together for the same effect. Lean over and whisper to your lover at dinner (or in some other public place) that you’re not wearing any panties. If you’re wearing a dress, let him slip his hand underneath and look for himself. You’ll give him an instant erection right then and there.


G-strings are great for showing off your butt and they’re a great way to provide your partner with easy access for anal sex, but they leave little to the imagination. Your man appreciates nudity in any form, so he’s not going to tell you that the g-string is played out and it would be great to have you wear something a little different. Of course, granny panties are off the list, so what do you do when your g-string collection gets old?

Cheekies are panties that look normal in the front, but are curved up slightly in the back to let the bottoms of a woman’s butt cheeks show. You may wonder why a guy only likes to look at the bottom of your cheeks when you can see the whole thing in a g-string, but that’s what makes cheekies so sexy – they turn guys on by highlighting your best assets while still leaving something to the imagination. Seduction is rarely about full on nudity anyways.

A Corset Or Bustier

Corsets can be considered the beginning of lingerie, and were worn under dresses hundreds and hundreds years ago before the bra was ever invented. The idea behind a corset or bustier is to lift the breasts and create cleavage, as well as to hug the waist and bring it in to make a woman appear thinner yet more curvy. This is done with wire shaping in the corset and ties in the back that are laced as tightly as is comfortable for the woman. Corsets and bustiers are still very popular, especially in the world of burlesque.

A corset or bustier instantly says to your man, “I’m an old fashioned kind of sexy.” Your man will enjoy seeing your body all tied up in a corset and you’ll like the way it shapes you and makes you look really good. Let your man slowly untie your corset or bustier while you stand in front of a mirror – and watch his face as the corset drops to the floor after it’s untied. Your partner won’t be able to keep his hands off you for long!

A Shelf Bra

Like crotchless panties, a shelf bra is lingerie that is basically pointless to have underneath your clothes because it actually doesn’t cover up your breasts at all. A shelf bra is designed to go underneath the breasts, almost as though an underwire bra were cut in half. Your breasts will come up and over the top of the shelf bra, showing pretty much everything, including your nipples. Some half bras do cover up the nipples (but not much else), but that’s not what a true shelf bra is. A true shelf bra is designed to hold the breasts up, but show them completely.

Your man will really like the idea of this item of lingerie because of the fact that it is, indeed pointless to have. If you put one on, it’s purely for his viewing pleasure. It’s to make your breasts look amazing so they can be ogled. Your partner will love that you donned something like that just for him.

Platform Stilettos

While platform stilettos aren’t actually lingerie, they make pretty much any combination of lingerie – even your most basic black bra and panties set – look absolutely amazing. There’s a reason that strippers always have platform heels when they’re dancing, even when they’re completely naked. They make your legs look a thousand miles long and your body will instantly look leaner and more seductive.

Invest in a basic pair of platform stilettos (yes, platform – the scary looking ones that strippers actually use) and get used to walking around in them and wearing them when your partner isn’t home. Next time you don one of your lingerie outfits, slip the heels on too and watch your lover’s reaction when you strut your stuff.

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