6 Sex Misconceptions – Rules That Were Meant To Be Broken


Sex includes many unspoken guidelines that supposedly dictate what can or can’t be done in or outside the bedroom. However, sex can get boring fast that way. There are many myths about sex – in fact, some of these “guidelines” for sex can definitely go to the wayside. Break these so-called guidelines and spice up your sex life tonight!

Myth #1 – Men Don’t Like Giving Oral Sex

It’s a common myth that men enjoy getting a blowjob, but they don’t exactly like to return the favor. This myth originates from the “I don’t feel so fresh” ads from long ago, where women got a bad rap for having a smell – of any kind – down there. The truth is, some guys don’t like going down on a girl – but most of them actually do. Women are terrified they don’t smell right, even if it’s just the natural scent of their bodies. Don’t worry about it and let your man blow your mind with his tongue.

Myth #2 – You Shouldn’t Have Sex On The First Date

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Sex on the first date has long been a “faux pas.” You’re supposed to wait until at least the third date, right? This is an old rule that should definitely be broken – that is, if you have the opportunity to be on a date with someone who so totally rocks your world that you can’t wait to get your hands on his clothes and rip them off. In that case, why not? If you and your date are both consenting adults and have discussed safe sex, seriously – why not?

Myth #3 – Sex Should Be Serious

Yes, all the sex scenes in the movies make us feel as though our sex lives are nowhere near as enthralling, but come on – who hasn’t passed gas on accident while getting it on after burritos and margaritas for dinner? Come on! Sex is fun, and it doesn’t have to be serious all the time. If you accidentally make an idiot out of yourself, get stuck in a not-so-flattering sex position, or get interrupted by a call from the in-laws, laugh it off and go back to doing whatever you were doing before. Your mate will love your good sense of humor and the ability to roll with the punches.

Myth #4 – You Have To Have An Orgasm Every Time

Pretty much every woman has been in the situation where she’s not in the mood, but he can’t keep his hands off her. Many women will give in and give their guy some lovin’, but they’ll end up faking their orgasm so he thinks she’s satisfied. Hold up – it’s totally okay not to have an orgasm every time you have sex with your man. It’s okay to put out just for him, because he’ll get yours next time. What isn’t okay is letting your guy believe that whatever he did to give you the big “O” is what he needs to do every time…and the only person that suffers in that situation is you.

Myth #5 – If You’re Great In Bed, You’re Great With Everyone

A lot of people believe that if you’re really great in bed, you can rock anyone’s world. But everyone has a different idea of what great sex is and what it isn’t. Everyone likes something different between the sheets, and you can’t please everyone. Truth is, you can be really great at sex with one person and give them multiple orgasms in a single sex session, and the next person you sleep with, you can totally bomb out and wonder what the hell happened to your mad skills. If you’re in a relationship, focus on being the best for that person. If you’re single, just have fun!

Myth #6 – If He Cheated, He Doesn’t Care About You

Men have gotten a bad rap for being notorious cheaters. In fact, rumor has it that most men who cheat on their partners do it because they just don’t love them anymore. Right? Wrong! If your man cheats on you, chances are, he didn’t mean to. Ask him. He may have been drunk and in a compromising situation, where a woman was all over him and wouldn’t leave him alone. Or he may have thought he wanted something and then realized it was a very, very big mistake. Cheating is not the end of the road ladies, unless you’re absolutely sure that’s what you want. He may still love you and want to be with you – talk it through and ask him why. You might be surprised at what you hear.

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