6 Signs He’s Addicted To Sex


Sex is on every man’s mind pretty much all the time. But how can you tell when he’s crossed the line? Here are six dead giveaways that he’s an addict.

He Talks About Sex At Inappropriate Times

Even though men think about doing the nasty almost all the time, most men know when to keep their mouths shut about it. Most men aren’t going to try to hold a discussion about sex positions over the dinner table, but a man who is addicted to sex might not find anything wrong with this scenario. If he’s bringing up the topic of sex at really inappropriate times, such as at your parent’s house (in front of your parents) or during business meetings, he might be an addict.

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Even if he doesn’t necessarily start talking about the amazing anal sex you had last night at a luncheon, he might still be an a addict if the subject of getting it on makes its way into his conversations often. These conversations may be reserved for you or his friends, but if that’s all he seems to be able to talk about with you, it could be a signal that he can’t stop thinking about doing it for more than a few minutes at a time.

He Watches Porn For Hours A Day

Often, men who are addicts will relieve themselves through watching porn and masturbating. All men masturbate – and most of them watch porn while they’re doing it – but that doesn’t mean that all guys are obsessed with getting it on. Normally, a man might only need to watch a dirty flick for several minutes before finishing the job, but a man with an addiction to sex may watch porn for hours at a time or several times a day.

He Needs To Masturbate Often In Addition To Frequent Sex

Even if a man has sex often with his partner, he’s still going to masturbate on the side. There’s nothing women can do about that and it’s completely natural. However, a man who is obsessed with it is going to go overboard on both counts – he’s going to be masturbating and having intercourse daily or even several times a day.

Even if you and your partner are having great intercourse daily, if he’s addicted to it, you may find him masturbating on the side as often as you have intercourse or perhaps even more. Most men are able to reach a point where they feel sexually satisfied and aren’t driven to have intercourse or masturbate, but men who are addicted to doing the dirty aren’t ever going to get to that “satisfied” place.

The Need For Sex Interrupts His Daily Life

As with any addiction, it becomes a true addiction when it begins to interrupt a person’s daily life. Is your partner adjusting his schedule to make time for more sex or masturbation? Is he late to functions because of intercourse or masturbation? Does he fail to make plans with his family or friends because he’d rather stay home and get it on or masturbate instead? These are all symptoms of a serious addiction. If you find that your partner’s need for sexual release is interfering with his life or your relationship, it may be time to seek help for his addiction.

He Cheats On You

For some addicts, sex with one partner and frequent masturbation isn’t even enough. He may begin to seek sexual release from other partners, especially if the opportunity presents itself. This is in part due to never feeling truly satisfied sexually, but also because getting it on is literally at the forefront of his thoughts all the time. A man who is addicted will have a difficult time looking at a woman and not associating her with sex in some form or fashion.

He Pressures You To Have Sex

A true addict really doesn’t like hearing “no” when it comes to getting it on. Some men who are really addicted to sex can be involved with rape or date rape, but most aren’t. However, a man that has a problem might put more pressure on a woman to have sex with him than an ordinary man would.

Your man might be an addict if he pressures you constantly to get busy with him, or doesn’t listen to you when you say “no.” If you’re constantly having to thwart his advances – especially at inappropriate times – consider seeking help for your partner for an addiction.

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