6 Types Of Sex You Need To Try – Tonight!


Sex can of course get boring. It’s a natural, albeit frustrating progression of long term relationships. But does being in a committed, monogamous relationship and doing it with the same person again and again mean that you’re stuck with boring sex for the rest of your life? Not hardly! Check out these six different kinds that will turn up the heat in the bedroom – or elsewhere. Each type is amazing and satisfying in its own way – try one out with your partner tonight!

Animal Sex

There’s just something special about the “I want you right now!” kind of nookie. When you do it like the animals do, you forget about everything else except “doing it.” Every once in awhile, throw down everything that you’re doing, no matter what it is, and just have do it with your lover right then and there. Bend your partner over the stove while she’s cooking, or do it over the washer while she’s washing clothes. Let your partner know that you have to have them right now or you’re just going to bust! Bonus points if you do this with oral sex instead of penetration.

Chicken Soup Sex

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When you or your partner had a bad day at work or are feeling down about something, the right kind of nookie can be just like a bowl of chicken soup. Warm and comforting, it’s just what you want right when you want it. With this type, you want to use the sex positions that are most comfortable for you and your partner. If missionary is what you both like, don’t worry that it’s considered “boring.” Don’t worry about trying something new, “spicing it up” or looking a certain way during the deed. Just do what you’re comfortable with and what feels good.

Make Up Sex

Make up sex can be some of the best you or your partner have ever had. After an especially big fight (or even a little tiff if you feel like it), start kissing your lover deeply and passionately. When they kiss you back, make a move to start taking off their clothes. Like chicken soup sex, it can make you feel better when you’re down because of a fight you and your partner just had. This type of nookie also has a way of making everything seem like the fight never happened, especially when you’re basking in the glow of an amazing orgasm.

Quickie Sex

There’s nothing like an amazing quickie. Just when you think you don’t have time to do the dirty deed, your partner surprises you by taking advantage of the situation and reaching climax in record time. While many couples in long term relationships get “tired” of having quickies, having a quickie is actually a great way to get the desire for pleasure out of your system in a short amount of time. Whether you’re in the back of the car on a pit stop during a road trip or have to do it fast before the kids get home from school, the quickie is great – just in a shorter amount of time.

Public Sex

There’s very little out there that will give you the adrenaline rush that public sex will. This will usually involve a quickie, but doing it in public is very different than just having a quickie in your house. The fear of getting caught or being watched by other people while you do it is an amazing turn on for both you and your partner, and it is a great way to spice up your life. Don’t do it anywhere that you could get caught and have permanent repercussions for you, such as losing your job or getting arrested.

Marathon Sex

If you have a day off without kids in the house – for example, if you’re snowed in – it’s the perfect time to set up a little sex marathon for you and your partner to engage in. Instead of trying to do it as quick as you can, try to last as long as you can. Try going through all of the different positions you know, or breaking the record of how many orgasms you can give your partner in a row. You can prolong it by switching between oral sex, foreplay and penetration, or you can take small breaks in between several sessions. Don’t stop until you’re both completely exhausted and satisfied!

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