6 Ways To Be The Alpha Male She CRAVES


Sex tips show you what techniques to use, but they won’t matter if you’re a wuss who asks permission to do anything. Here’s how to be the ALPHA MALE she wants!

There are a lot of ways to be authoritative with your girl. Here are six you can use to get on the right track, tonight!

Take Charge!

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These sex tips start right from the beginning. Don’t ASK for sex. Just make your move! YOU must lead the interaction. Here’s a great way to show her you’re in control: Once you have her turned on, naked, and ready to go, tell her she isn’t ready yet. Tease her, and show her she has to beg for it before you will give it to her.

Then have her get in the positions you want, tell her what to say – just make sure you are leading!

Make her orgasm on your command. When she is getting close, say to her you want her to come for you, or say she isn’t allowed to climax until you say it’s OK. Then keep doing her hard and make her wait for your okay.

Use Dirty Talk

The whole authority thing backfires if you proceed to have silent sex with your girl!

Start early. If you’re meeting up with your girl later, call or text her ahead of time and tell her you’re going to do naughty things to her. Tell her she’d better be ready. Don’t know what to say once you are all over each other? Start by just describing what you’re doing, then let her know what you’re about to do to her.

Say what positions to get into. Make to talk dirty to you, but save the “I Love You’s” for another day! (Or right afterwards to show her that you LOVE how dirty and nasty she was just for you, but you still cherish and love her).

Do It Hard!

You can’t be authoritative if you aren’t giving it to your girl hard, plain and simple. Save the sensitive love-making for another time. You have to put me in positions that are good for this – doggy style is GREAT for this!

But don’t confuse hard with fast. You don’t have to be pounding away like a jackhammer – just full, hard, and deep.

You can also gently but firmly pull her hair from the back near the roots, slap her lightly on the ass, throw her onto the bed, “mock” rip her clothes off with your teeth!

Use Authority Through The Whole Experience

Use dirty talk and she will love it.

Do her hard and she will love it.

But do ALL of these things – and watch her totally lose control and come over and over at your command!

It’s All Relative

Authoritative for one couple might be completely different from authoritative for another couple. If you have been ignoring great sex tips, having boring, quiet, missionary sex, with the lights out for the last 15 years – you have to be careful not to do too much too soon. This can make her uncomfortable and ruin the experience.

So start out slow if you have to. As you both get more comfortable you can keep adding to the authority and having more and more fun!

It’s Not The Same As Being Mean

Authority is all about being in charge, and telling the girl what you want. It’s NOT about degrading her, making her feel uncomfortable, or being too serious. One of my favorite things is when a guy is authoritative in a playful way. It’s more about him knowing that I enjoy him being in charge, that he’s not afraid to tell me what he wants, and that I can just safely give in to him.

Remember, authority is one of the best ways to get and keep a woman 100% sexually satisfied.

Many men have told me JUST these sex tips have changed their entire sex lives! And taken them from clumsily messing around and “hoping for the best” in the bedroom to confidently giving their women orgasm after juicy orgasm – whether it’s their very first time with a girl, or someone they’ve been with for years!

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