7 Places To Have Sex In The Office


Sex in the office can be incredibly hot – whether your partner is a co-worker or your current flame just stopping by. There’s something super sexy about having sex at work – even if it’s just a little foreplay before you head home for the real deal. Here’s how to get it on in the workplace.

On A Desk

Of course, having sex on a desk at the office is cliche – but it’s really fun! If you’re having sex with the boss, doing it on the boss’s desk is even naughtier. If not, any desk will suffice. Find a desk hidden away in a conference room or in a cubicle in the corner of the room to avoid getting caught. Bonus points if you actually throw all of the stuff off the desk first in one sweep of your arm!

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Best Sex Position: Missionary or woman on top if you both are lying on the desk. You can also have the woman sit on the desk and the man enter her standing.

Against The Filing Cabinet

This can actually be a great way to hide from your co-workers if you can find a little nook created by a few filing cabinets. Doing it up against a filing cabinet is super sexy because it’s impromptu – and has an air of naughtiness to it. Just make sure you’re not having sex up against the side of the filing cabinet that has the handles. Ouch!

Best Sex Position: Standing, of course. Depending on how tall the cabinet is, the girl could sit on the top of the cabinet while her man lifts her skirt up and per forms oral sex on her.

In The Elevator

Most of the time, you only have enough time for passionate kissing in an elevator until the doors open. However, you can extend the time you have if you’re alone by pushing the emergency stop button. This may or may not set off an alarm, so you may want to find out beforehand from the building maintenance staff if you’re going to need to make a run for it afterwards.

Best Sex Position: Standing, without removing your clothes. This is so you can high tail it out of there if you have to!

On The Stairwell

A stairwell in an office is a pretty decent place to get it on if you’re not into getting caught, because few people actually travel the stairways, especially if it’s a large building. Most people take the elevator, so why not capitalize on the laziness of your co-workers by having a quickie on the stairwell?

Best Sex Position: Doggy style. You can vary the angle of penetration by having the girl facing up the stairs or down the stairs. Also, you can use the handrail for stability!

In The Supply Closet

Having sex in the supply closet is a great way to escape during the day without getting caught. Slip away on your lunch break when no one is paying attention to where you are and have a quickie in the closet. The other benefit of doing it on your lunch break? Most of your co-workers are probably at lunch too – and not looking for supplies in the closet.

Best Sex Position: Any position that you can manage. Depending on what supplies are in the closet, you may have a lot of sex position options, or you may have very few.

In An Office Chair

This is a good option if you want to try some sitting sex positions – and this is one you can do at home if you have a home office. Have the man sit in the chair and the woman straddle him. She can move up and down to bring her vagina closer to his face if she wants a little bit of oral, or lower it down onto his shaft for deep penetration. Women, wear a loose skirt on the day you plan on doing this – you’ll be grateful that you did!

Best Sex Position: Sitting, with the woman on top. You can also do another version of oral sex here – have the receiving partner sit in the chair and the giving partner kneel with their hands and knees on the floor.

In The Bathroom Stall

Use this one of you’re desperate or if you just don’t have anywhere else to go. It’s not so bad if the bathroom is pretty clean though. It can also be kind of fun if both of you are able to stand on the toilet and aren’t tall enough to tower over the top of the stall. If you can manage this, no one will know you’re in the stall (if you can stay quiet, that is) and you can get a little voyeuristic when people come in to use the restroom. Although, if you get stuck with someone who went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch, it’s going to be far, far from sexy.

Best Sex Position: Any position that doesn’t involve touching the toilet seat with any part of your body!

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