7 Sultry Things That Make His Toes Curl


Sex ruts are easy to get into when you’re in a relationship – but they’re not so easy to get out of. Without bringing some new moves to the bedroom, your man starts knowing what to expect – which can be a huge turn off for guys that like to mix it up. Make sex an incredibly new and wonderful experience for your man by surprising him with these sex tips that will blow his mind and leave him gasping for breath.

Suck On A Popsicle – And Then Suck On Him

Make oral sex super cool when the weather is hot by alternating sucking on a Popsicle and sucking on your partner’s penis. This is a great way to experiment with cold temperatures without scaring him off – let’s face it, a guy isn’t going to want you to do nothing but rub ice all over his penis. That’s just too dang cold!

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When you suck on the Popsicle, it cools your mouth down quite a bit, but not so much that it is going to be painful for him. As you continue to lick and suck on his member, your mouth heats back up and the process is repeated. He’ll love the feeling of alternating hot and cold, and you’ll love the idea of oral sex being a little bit more fun (and tastier) for you.

Give Him A Handjob With A Masturbator

Most guys don’t use male sex toys when they’re masturbating – they simply just use some lube and their hands. A lot of guys don’t even use lube! Show your man the difference that a sex toy can make when you’re flying solo by introducing it to him during a handjob given by you.

Put some lube on the inside of a masturbation sleeve of your choice and slowly slip it over his member after you’ve gotten him nice and warmed up with your hands. At this point, he’s not going to ask you to stop and he’ll get to experiment with the feeling of a masturbation sleeve even if he’s been a little apprehensive about doing it in the past. He’ll be amazed at the difference in the way it feels!

Let Him Videotape Or Take Pictures Of You

Since guys are such visual creatures, they usually need something like pictures or a video to help them get off, unless you’re there in the flesh of course. If you’re confident that you’re in a relationship with a guy you can trust with something like this, surprise him by allowing him to take a few pictures or even a video of you while having sex or while you’re masturbating. It’s almost guaranteed that a video or pictures of you will be more cherished than any porn he’s ever downloaded.

Give Anal Sex A Try

Your man might not have ever asked you for anal sex (because he’s afraid it will hurt you or he doesn’t want to offend you) but it’s almost a sure thing that he’s thought of doing it with you before. Treat him to something special by letting him know one night that he can try it up your rear if he’d like, but make sure you practice on your own at first.

Buy a small butt plug or just use your fingers (along with plenty of lube) and try inserting them into your anus the next time you’re masturbating. It will be uncomfortable at first, but much easier than if you just let your man try it without ever having prepped yourself.

Next, move up in size until you’re comfortable with inserting something into your anus that is about as thick as your man is. When you actually do let him do it, he’ll be so surprised at the fact that you can take his penis – because he’ll be expecting you to freak out.

Leave Him A Sexy Voicemail While He’s At Work

The sound of your voice – especially during dirty talk – can do wonders for him. Take advantage of this fact and leave him a dirty voicemail on his cell phone while he’s at work. Plan to tell him what you want to do to him when he gets home, or what you want him to do to you. Of course, you can also do a combination of both!

If you’re shy, write it down first so you know what you’re saying and you don’t choke on your words – which is easy to do once you know you’re being recorded. After listening to the message, your man won’t be able to wait to get home and have sex with you. He may have to arrange to leave work early!

Use The Cowgirl Sex Position (With A Twist)

The “Cowgirl” sex position is pretty much just the woman on top position, but with a twist. In the real Cowgirl position, you’re going to sit up instead of laying your torso down onto his. Then, you’re going to take it a step further and lean back, placing your hands behind you on the bed (or whatever surface you’ve chosen for your tryst). This will give him the most incredible view of you and him having sex that he’s ever had. In fact, you may want to wait to let him do the videotaping until you try this!

Practice Your Kegels

You’ve probably heard of Kegel exercises – where you squeeze your vaginal muscles like you’re stopping the flow of urine. These muscles can actually become very strong if you exercise them regularly. Squeezing them during sex can give your man divine waves of pleasure, but not if your muscles aren’t strong enough to actually give him a good squeeze.

Practice your Kegels while he’s not around, or get a pair of Ben Wa balls that will help you exercise your vagina while you go on about your busy day. When you feel that you’re vaginal muscles are comparable to the female Hulk’s, try them out next time you and your partner have sex. Give him a squeeze as he’s pulling out and watch as he gasps and begs for more.

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