7 Unforgettable Sex Tips


Having sex with your partner can be “blah” or it can be absolutely incredible. Problem is, it’s easy to slip into a rut and not so easy to dig yourself out. With a little patience, some effort and reinventing your outlook on sex, you can turn the tables on your life and make it better than it ever has been before. Check out these seven amazing tips that will knock your socks off!


Turn the heat in the bedroom up a notch with a little roleplay action. Ever get off on the teacher/student fantasy or the french maid costume? Tell your partner about your dress up fantasies and have them play along. You can both dress up for each other, or have one partner dress up and the other enjoy the show. Just make sure that both you and your lover get to express your fantasies to each other and act them out so you are both turned on!

Lower Your Expectations

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Many guys – and girls – have high expectations of what it should be and how it will turn out. Some girls expect their man to give them an orgasm (without any help at all) and if he doesn’t blow her mind immediately, the game is over for her. On the other hand, some guys expect not to have to give a woman an orgasm at all – that she will be more focused on getting him off than her own pleasure. If you want to have better sex, lower your expectations a little bit. It doesn’t always end in orgasm (but good for you if it does) and it’s all about having fun with your partner and enjoying each other’s bodies.

Take Turns Taking Control

If you and your lover are used to having “blah” sex where one or both of you says, “Ok, we’ll do whatever you want to do” or “I guess we could do that if you want to,” it’s time to either grab the reins or give them up and take turns taking control in the bedroom. Let your partner decide what you’re going to do that night, whether it’s oral sex, anal sex or a new position, and then let him do whatever he wants that night while you play along. Make sure you get to be in control another night, where everything goes your way!

Set Up The Perfect Atmosphere

Believe it or not, the atmosphere of the bedroom (or living room, or wherever else you’re doing it) plays a big part in how great it really is that night. For example, shower sex is super hot, but try doing it with your kids’ soaking wet Barbie dolls at your feet or stuck in other less desirable parts of your body. The mood instantly dissipated, didn’t it? Instead, try setting up some candles, soft music and incense or scented oil in your partner’s favorite scent. It may sound cliche, but it will make a big difference, guaranteed.

Break Your Boundaries

Tired of doing the same old thing every time you and your lover get it on? Try breaking your boundaries and doing something new that neither you nor your partner have ever done before. You don’t have to go crazy and try something that is totally out there – like BDSM – but you can and probably should go a little bit outside your comfort zone. Try a new position or incorporate a toy. Start small and introduce something that is a little different from what you normally do but not something that is going to freak you or your partner out.

Don’t Put On The Pressure

Pressuring your partner to have an orgasm will likely backfire in your face. Even if you’re giving her oral, licking her clitoris, fingering her and doing everything you can to bring her to climax, if it’s not happening then it’s not happening. The same goes for you. If you’re realizing that it’s going to take you an hour or more to have an orgasm, move on to something else and just have fun with it! The chances are, an orgasm will come much more easily later and will most likely be better than if you forced it!

Flirt A Little – With Someone Else

You wouldn’t believe at how much a little harmless flirting – with someone else – can spice up your life with your partner. When someone who isn’t your partner flirts with you, even if it doesn’t go anywhere, your ego is boosted and you instantly feel more attractive. Channel these awesome feelings into sex with your partner and watch it go from “blah” to explosive!

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